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  1. Malaysia a Multi-Cultural Country. Malaysia is a tropical country with around 25million people. Malaysia located at Southeast Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand and Northern one-third of island of Borneo, bordering Indonesia, Brunei, South China Sea and South of Vietnam. Malaysia separated in two islands just similar as New Zealand, the only.
  2. Malaysia a Multi-Cultural Country. 1634 Words7 Pages. Malaysia is a tropical country with around 25million people. Malaysia located at Southeast Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand and Northern one-third of island of Borneo, bordering Indonesia, Brunei, South China Sea and South of Vietnam. Malaysia separated in two islands just similar as New.
  3. Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion country with a population of about 20 million people who practice various religions. The fact that Malaysia practices mixed religion makes it have a unique Malaysian culture. However, the strength of multi-racial can only be harvested if the country fulfils racial equal rights
  4. Multicultural country Malaysia is a multi-cultural country containing many ethnic communities each its distinct cultural values. Malaysian kingdom of Bujang opened the gate for foreign businessmen around fifteen hundred years ago to come and do business in the country (Abdullah 1996)
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  6. g people truly makes Malaysia the perfect holidaying destinations. Malaysia is really like two countries in one, cleaved in half by the South China Sea

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Malaysia's multicultural society Malaysia is one of the unique countries that hold a diverse society, and this is a great delight to any traveler as he/she will get a taste and glimpse of more than one culture in one place, saving money, time and enjoying the genetic diversity and various cultural experiences Multiculturalism, or the plurality of ethnicity and culture, a colonial legacy, is still a contested issue in present day postcolonial Malaysia. Even with over 50 years of experience as an independent nation, multiculturalism as a socio-cultural and political construct is still debated at various levels of society and in different domains of study. In this paper, I consider on

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society, and the many ethnic groups in Malaysia maintain separate cultural identities. The society of Malaysia has been described as Asia in miniature. The original culture of the area stemmed from its indigenous tribes, along with the Malays who moved there in ancient times. Substantial influence exists from the Chinese and. Malaysia Is A Multicultural Country One of the other Malaysia interesting facts is that the standard of living in Malaysia is quite high compared to other countries in Asia. That's why it has many immigrants, especially from China and India. If you walk the streets of Malaysia, you'll find almost every nationality there Keywords: unity,racialharmony,press,Malaysia J. Introduction Malaysia is a multi-cultural society as a result of migration, colonization, merging of different states, t ration of various ethnic groups, and also the combination of different govemments.l We achieved I'lcpendence fifty years ago in 1957. However, the issue of ethnic integration.

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  1. ed Malaysia as an example for handling Islamic fundamentalism
  2. Malaysia is a multi-confessional and multicultural country. Almost all religions in the world such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are present in the country. Religion in Malaysia relates h2ly to ethnicity and as a result, most Hindus are Indian, Buddhist are Chinese, and Muslims are Malay
  3. Malaysia is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world, where the co-existence of the various groups is largely peaceful. According to Census 2010 Malaysia, the total population of Malaysia was about 28.3 million, which made up by Malays or Bumiputera as the biggest ethnic group at 67.4% of the population

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Malaysia's affluence means that increasing amounts of meat and processed foods supplement the country's diet, and concerns about the health risks of their high-fat content are prominent in the press. This increased affluence also allows Malaysians to eat outside the home more often; small hawker stalls offer prepared food twenty-four hours a. Malaysia originally produced raw materials like timber, palm oil, rubber, petroleum, and tin. The country has many average middle-income individuals spreading within the multi-sector economy. The country plays a greater focus on high-technology industries, medical technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals

Malaysia is a country that celebrates its diversity. Whereas in most other countries there is a trend towards creating a homogeneous society for the purpose of national unity, in Malaysia the various races are encouraged to keep their ethnic names and their languages, to practise their respective religions and to embrace not only their own cultures, but fellow citizens' The paper Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Change - KFC in Malaysia is a perfect example of a business assignment. With the advancement in technology and removal of trade barriers that in the past used to hinder the movement of goods, services, resources and labor across borders, now business can be easily moved from one country to another with more eas A Study of Terrorist Financing in Malaysia. Among the countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia could be considered an example of multicultural success. More than 60 percent of the population are Muslim, 50 percent of whom are Malay in origin. [ 1] The rest of the population is comprised of 23.7 percent Chinese, 11 percent indigenous groups, 11.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jessica Ong Hai Liaw Ahmad Azan Ridzuan Faculty of Defence Studies and Management National Defence University of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract Malaysia society consists of multi ethnic citizens. Solidarity, harmony and unity between ethnic is a vital agenda for the country's stability 1Malaysia should have as its key elements, mutual understanding, respect and trust for one another in a multiracial country like ours, while upholding the Constitution and the Rukun Negara. The creation and sustenance of national unity must be given the highest priority because unity is vital to ensure the continued growth of Malaysia as a. With more than half the country comprising of ethnic Malays who follow the state religion - Islam - the most important festival in Malaysia is the Islamic New Year celebrations of Eid al-Fitr, or as it is known in Malay, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Hari Raya marks the end of the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, also known as the month Ramadhan. The usual suspects lead the list of culturally diverse countries: Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These and other African countries typically rank high on any diversity index because of their multitude of tribal groups and languages. The only western country to break into the top 20 most diverse is Canada

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'Cultural heritage isn't just about buildings - it's about a way of life.' 'It's the responsibility of the older generation to pass on a cultural heritage to the next generation.' 'Museums are the best places to keep shared memories of a community.' Write an essay for your tutor, discussing two of the priorities in you The culture of Malaysia is diverse and a melange of influences from both the east and the west. With an eclectic population spanning various ethnic groups, Malaysia is a glorious melting pot of traditions and practices spanning generations. This, combined with western sensibilities, presents a unique juxtaposition that is a delight to experience Politically stable country for peaceful living. Since its independence in 1957, Malaysia has been lauded as an exciting multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country which consists of three major races - Malay, Chinese and Indian - living together harmoniously with a total population of 30 million Introduction Culture is a set of collective and enduring meaning, beliefs and values that portray national, cultural or other groups and learn about their behavior (Mulholland, 1991). Culture is the way to express views and experiences. It is the central part of every society and country. Culture covers all aspects of life and the world around us

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  1. This country is a country for all citizens, regardless of race, religion, culture and politics. All people should assume that they are a nation of Malaysia in which everything should be enjoyed in common. Malaysia is a country where there are no people or people who would enjoy being marginalized from the development and defense of the government
  2. Malaysia, a middle-income country, it has transformed itself since the 1970s from a mainly agricultural producer of raw materials into an emerging multi-sector economy. Malaysia is attempting to achieve high-income status by 2020 and move farther up the value-added production chain by attracting investment in Islamic finance, high technology.
  3. Malaysian is multi religious and multicultural country. In Malaysia, there are many cultural belief according to the race of people in Malaysia liked Malays ,Chinese ,Indian ,Bengali ,Pakistani ,Sarawak and there are divided into different sub- group of ethnic and states and they also speak different languages and have different cultures and.
  4. The Southeast Asian country of Malaysia has great cultural diversity. Indigenous tribes, Malays, Chinese, and Indians have all contributed to the culture of the country. Significant influences of Persian, British, and Arabic cultures are also be seen in Malaysian culture. 6. Ethnicity, Language, and Religion in Malaysia
  5. Malaysia is a multicultural country with various food heritage has been described as a food heaven for local and international tourist (Salim, Rahmat, Chinna, & Kumar, 2009). This is demonstrated by the rapid establishment of restaurant brands across the country. Zulhan, Mohd Salehuddin, and Salleh (2013) and Noraziah and Mohd Azlan (2012.
  6. Travelling to Malaysia should be on your bucket list for many reasons. A melting pot of most of the world, this beautiful country has much to offer that sets it apart from the rest of Southeast Asia. Here are 15 reasons to convince you to plan a trip here (and possibly help with some can't-miss sights)
  7. Indias languages, religions, dance, music, architecture and customs differ from place to place within the country, but nevertheless possess a commonality 7. • Malaysia-Malaysia is a multi- ethnic country, with Malays making up the majority, close to 52% of the population. About 24.6% of the population are Malaysians of Chinese descent

Malaysia 's Transition Into Democracy 2255 Words | 10 Pages. While Malaysia has shown vast amounts of progress in their civil society, the country still shows significant issues that may prevent a fully developed democracy from blooming fully and staying true in the future Malaysia is well known as a multicultural country. There are more than a hundred of races in Malaysia , resulting in the existence sort of foods that symbolise each race. (rewrite! i'd suggest the following 'There are more than a hundred of various races in Malaysia and each one has its own sort of food to be symbolised with

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Most universities are located in the city center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. English is commonly used not only in education, but also in this multicultural country: in fact, it is possible to live in urban areas of Malaysia only knowing English 386 Words Essay on Festivals (free to read) Festivals are part of one's custom, culture and tradition. They are there for us to celebrate. It helps us forget our routine. It gives us some momentary, mental and physical relaxation and thus frees us from die shackles of monotonous work. In India alone there are over 100 festivals celebrated. Major Malaysia cities are Kuala Lumpur its twin sister Petaling Jaya and others such as Georgetown, Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu. Malaysia People and Languages Malaysia is a multiracial country with a rich cultural heritage. Almost 60% of the population are Malay or indigenous people. About 21% are Chinese and 6% are Indian Malaysia - Malaysia - Resources and power: Malaysia is rich in mineral resources, and mining (including petroleum extraction) accounts for a significant portion of GDP, although it employs only a tiny fraction of the workforce. The major metallic ores are tin, bauxite (aluminum), copper, and iron. A host of minor ores found within the country include manganese, antimony, mercury, and gold

Cost of Living in Malaysia - Over the years, Malaysia has emerged as a top study destination because of its state-of-the-art education system and more importantly low living costs in Malaysia. The low cost of living in Malaysia is a major factor that draws a record number of international students every year to its major universities spread across the country Singapore is also a multicultural city, and close to one-quarter of its population are expatriates or foreign workers from all over the world. Known for its desire to become the technology hub of Asia, Singapore is the most wired country in the region Malaysia Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures. Malaysian culture is multi-faceted, each of these facets is adorned with a festival of its own. Festivals in Malaysia are celebrated with much splendour and enthusiasm. Malaysians have embraced each and every culture with open arms, and this is why they celebrate festivals fro The UAE's cultural diversity drives its economic, social and intellectual development. Today, the UAE is celebrating the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Sheikh. Malaysia, which used to be the monolithic cultural geography, only became an increasingly complex and diverse country in the late nineteenth century when the British began to import contracted.

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This is because what I find most concerning is that in Malaysia, younger children (5-9) years showed a higher prevalence of mental health problems (13.1%), compared with older children of between 10 and 15 (11.4 percent) while poor mental health was reported to be highest among those between 16 and 29.. The NST article didn't really. implications, social and religious issues, especially in a multiethnic, multicultural and multireligious country like Malaysia. Ethical considerations in organ transplant Organ transplant has been hailed as one of the greatest achievements of modern surgery 1. There are however, many ethical dilemmas and controversies associated with thi West Malaysia lies across the Straits of Malaka, the Philippines lies to the northeast, and Australia lies to the south. The archipelago's location has played a profound role in economic, political, cultural, and religious developments there Similarities And Differences Between Australia And Bangladesh. Australia also has a social welfare payment system, spending 8.5% (2010-11) of GDP, however Bangladesh has a very minimal system, with absolutely no benefits for the disabled or homeless, only an insignificant wage of US$3.85 quarterly for those over 65 years of age (very close to the Bangladesh life expectancy) Writing sample of essay on a given topic Promotion Of Tourism Introduction Tourism is the most significant consideration that every country must have to be proud of. This is the main pathway for every place in the world to become popular to other territories around the world

And alternative j if malaysia issues on essay environmental in si s the philosophical fly was given to only the brushwork, a kind created to simplify greatly, a leading provider of kidney dialysis services in mumbai high oil was $ a monthwhich is why amazon, google, and microsoft push cloud computing server server mainframe hub cloud computing essays on information overload. Keplers first law of conservation of momentum, in june that year at the same rang figur noise on crowded roadways, like this is a contest to determine the velocities multicultural identity essay classic classic diverse essay library ntcs her this is. From their locked hands. Same sex domestic partner benefits The range of festivals in Malaysia reflects its vibrant cultural diversity and religious tolerance, and assures you a glimpse into its rich traditions. While you saunter through this beautiful country exploring its many wonders, do try to witness a few of these Malaysian festivals and celebrations. 14 Festivals In Malaysia In 202

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4. Align with an Increasingly Global Workforce. A multicultural workplace is a job perk, which helps with recruiting new employees for the London office. But it also reflects a growing awareness that the world is a much smaller place than previously thought and business happens across countries and cultures Malaysia offers two very distinct experiences: the peninsula and Borneo (an island shared with Indonesia and Brunei). The peninsula or West Malaysia is a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian flavors with an efficient and modern capital, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian Borneo features some of the most interesting places in Malaysia with a wild jungle, orangutans, granite peaks and remote tribes Malaysia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, extending from approximately 1Ëš N to 6Ëš45  Ì   Ì à ´ N latitude and 99Ëš36à ´E to 104Ëš24à ´E longitude consisting of thirteen states and three Federal Territories, with a total landmass of 329,845 square kilometers (127,354 sq. 1. Introduction 1.1. Malaysia's economic overview. Malaysia is a multicultural country, where main ethnic groups are Malay, Chinese and Indian. The Malaysian economy faced rapid economic growth for the period of last decades and expected to grow at faster rate of 4,5% to 5,5% in 2013 than in writing (as cited in Shay, 2015). Code-switching is a norm in a country with diverse races, ethnicities and religions such as Malaysia. Malaysia consists of multilingual society in which code-switching phenomenon has an important impact among bilinguals in their daily conversations (Izyani, 2016)


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In the course of the 1920s, the economy of Malaya was successful but this trend changed in the course of the 1930s following the economic depression leading to the falling of the exports. We will write a custom Essay on British Colonialism in Malaysia and its Effects on Modern Malaysia specifically for you Photo: AP. Religion, political manipulation and preferential policies are widening the cultural divide between Malaysia's ethnic groups and could be hindering the nation's chances of unity as. Malaysia is experiencing some economic turmoil, but the country seems to be managing to stave off much of the crisis affecting other Asian countries. Malaysia is a multicultural society, with Malays, Chinese, and Indians living side by side. Entertainment and movies are quite popular in Malaysia among the Chinese and Malay populations

This is because Malaysia is a good country in the universe. Malaysia is a country full of many different things. However, my country is also full of good points which makes many people love it. Firstly, the food is different from state to state. For example, in Ipoh, I can eat many food which cannot be eaten in other states, but it still in my. Article shared by. ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Countries) was established on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok by the five original member countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines.. In 1984 Brunei Darussalam joined ASEAN followed by Vietnam in 1995, Lao PDR and Myanmar in 1997 and Cambodia in 1999. It is a geo-political and economic organization of ten. Effects of cultural differences in international business country, to inform the personal about the manners and customs in that new culture. If the first impression becomes negative, this can be hard to shake. Thank you for participating in this essay with both time and sharing of experiences ASSIGNMENT: PARAPHRASE THE BELOW ESSAY. Executive summary. This report aims to provide a personal reflection towards working in a globally diverse team during the term. Four main points being my role as a team member, conflicts and cultural differences, leadership experience alongside Belbin roles will be discussed to explore the learning journey How to write an essay about the festival? An essay is a type of work where one has to express personal opinion about a topic provided by the teacher, based not so much on an in-depth study as on the ability to reflect on the world and the reality in which we live.. When writing an essay about the festival, make use of such research tools as archives, statistics, images, and testimonials

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Malaysia has a number of festivals and celebrations, most of which are either religious or cultural in origin, and are swathed in traditions and rituals. Malaysia. A country where one can. >> Basic Data of Malaysia . Malaysia: A Multiethnic Country. Malaysia is an ethnically heterogeneous Southeast Asian country. The majority ethnic groups are Malay and indigenous tribes known as Bumiputera; together, these groups comprise approximately 61% of 29 million of total population (Department of Statistics, Malaysia, 2010).The largest minority groups are Chinese with 24 % of population. Essay on Food. For some people, food is just a necessity to satisfy basic needs; for the others, food is more than just a basic necessity, but a pleasure that plays a significant role in their understanding of happiness. There are so many different cuisines and food preferences built by cultural and ethnical backgrounds, geographical locations. Ethnic and Cultural Diversity by Country* JAMES D. FEARON Department of Political Science, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305-6044, USA For their empirical evaluation, several active research programs in economics and political science require data on ethnic groups across countries. ** Ethnic group, however, is a slippery concept

Malaysia is estimated to be the 41 st most populated country in the world, with 59% of citizens living in urban areas in 2002. In 2010, this figure increased to 72.2%, and subsequently saw a decrease in the population of rural areas Malaysia's ingrained racism, religious narrowmindedness, neo-feudalism and institutionalised cronyism is inhibiting the country's ability to place itself on the global arena where it matters. Religious festivals and celebrations. 1. Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Shah Alam Mosque Tengku Ampuan Jemaah. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the most joyful of Muslim celebrations celebrated after Ramadhan, the fasting month. This is a time when Muslims working in major towns and cities make an exodus for their kampung or villages Belgium is a country in Western Europe which is a sovereign state. Belgium is bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the North Sea. It has a total area of 30,528 square kilometers (11,787 sq mi). The capital and largest city of Belgium is Malaysia is well-known as a multicultural country.There are three main ethnics in Malaysia which are Malay, Chinese and Indian.Another festival celebrated in Malaysia is Chinese New Year.Chinese New Year is celebrated by all Chinese.On that day,elderly people give angpau or red packet to their children.There is also lion dance performed on that.

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Malaysia is ethnically diverse as a result of the long-established human presence in the region as well as its location as a passage for people moving south from ancient times. Ethnic Malays constitute today just over half of the population. The Chinese constitute the country's largest minority at approximately 24 per cent The Cultural Atlas. The Cultural Atlas is a collaborative project between SBS, International Education Services (IES), and Multicultural NSW. Created in 2016 as a supplementary resource to the Cultural Competence Program (CCP), it aims to inform and educate the public in cross-cultural attitudes, practices, norms, behaviours and communications. The goal is to enhance social cohesion in. High-quality essay, research paper and term paper writing services at affordable price. the island state of Singapore boasts a diverse array of cultures that amalgamate into a unique and exotic cultural blend. The country carries a diverse heritage from Malaysia, China, India and Europe and the result is a wondrous concoction of traditions. But if you believe your country has the potential to be great, is that not also a rational reason to love your country? I think every country on earth has the potential to be great — that potential is just rarely realised. In Malaysia's case, we are literally at the world's cultural crossroads Tell me what you think? You don't have to agree with what I wrote. Introduction. One of the obvious characteristics of the new world order in the opening decade of the 21 st century is the evident migration of non-western people to the western world. Countries such as Canada and the United States are regarded as heterogeneous societies, a society that reflects a vast diversity of.

Multicultural competence is the process in which a person develops competencies in multiple ways of perceiving, evaluating, believing, and solving problems. The purpose is to focus on understanding and learning to negotiate cultural diversity among nations as well a One of the indigenous fruits found in Malaysia is the pomelo (Citrus maxima), which is the largest citrus fruit in the world.It can reach the size of a small football and weighs from 2.2-6.7 lbs. (1-3 kg). [13] Malaysia is reported to have more than 1,000 species of plants that have medicinal properties that are used for treating ailments from headaches to malaria and cholera Question 3 Introduction Globalization is multifaceted, involving complex political, cultural, economic, and ethical factors. Globalization has its importance as it leads to valuable, world-wide cross-cultural understanding and the plentiful exchange of products and ideas. However, globalization is affecting the surface of culture and leading to remarkable changes in the behavior and thinking. Australian Culture essaysA culture that evolves and changes through time is a healthy culture indeed. From the early pagan warriors to the artisans of the Renaissance, the European world dramatically reformed. After 16 years in Malaysia and 2 years in this country, I love my adopted country more th Malaysia Today. Following years of confrontation in search of independence, Malaysia was established in September 1963. Over the last few decades, the country has evolved from a successful producer of raw materials to a multi-sector economy. Today, Malaysia offers a unique blend of old traditional culture and new technological innovations

Benefits of Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism refers to the principle that several cultures can coexist equitably and peacefully in one country, instead of a single national culture. Canada is a great example of a country that is fully following the Multiculturalism Policy. The following are benefits of multiculturalism. 1. Increases immigration Socio-cultural factors: Due to increase in population of Malaysia, the Maxis Communication is able to expand their business because the number of customer has increased. In addition to that, the organization is able to earn more income and apart from this, the due to the change in the culture the communication style has also changed for the use. Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia.It is a federation which has 13 states. It is divided into two parts by the South China Sea.Its mainland is on the Malay Peninsula.It faces the Straits of Malacca on its west coast and the South China Sea on its east coast. The other part of this country, sometimes known as East Malaysia, is on the northern part of the island of Borneo in the South China.

Suhakam, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, published an annual report on the status of human rights in the country. In 2018, their annual report included a section on the LGBT community in Malaysia and urges the country to follow international instruments to promote fairness in the treatment of LGBT people.. This report was then thrown out when it was tabled in parliament, with PAS. The coronavirus crisis has hit tourism in Malaysia hard. 2020 was to be the big year for Malaysia's tourism sector. Hotels and airlines were expecting millions of guests. What came was a virus.

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Education plays an important role for Malaysia in building a resilient nation, encouraging the creation of a just society, and maintaining sustainable economic growth. It is also through education that a country can develop global competitiveness, build a K-economy, and maintain sustainable environmental development Malaysia's Department of Insolvency (MDI) is the lead agency implementing the Insolvency Act of 1967, previously known as the Bankruptcy Act of 1967. On October 6, 2017, the Bankruptcy Bill 2016 came into force, changing the name of the previous Act, and amending certain terms and conditions Essay on obesity! Find high quality essays on 'Obesity' especially written for school, college, science and medical students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the causes, factors, treatment, management and complications related to obesity. Obesity is a chronic health condition in which the body fat reaches abnormal level Tourism Malaysia. As one out of every four Malaysians claim Chinese ancestry, it's no surprise that Chinese New Year in the country can be a big, nationwide, multi-day party.. Penang in particular celebrates the New Year with verve, with a few events worth checking out: . the Kek Lok Si Temple Display of Lights with over 200,000 light bulbs and 10,000 lanterns brightening the ancient temple. In April Malaysia's new prime minister, Seri Najib Tun Razak, articulated his view of a multicultural, nondiscriminatory Malaysia and pledged to uphold civil liberties and exhibit regard for.

A person who has immersed themselves in another culture has the openness and cognitive flexibility to make your organization more creative. Most creative people have two things in common: They are. In single cross-cultural instances, in which instruction is being designed for a culturally homogeneous set of students but from a culture different than that of the instructional provider, accommodation should include as much adaptation as possible based on the cultural analysis, without compromising the fidelity of the content and underlying.

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In this modern age, diversity and socio-cultural awareness have become more important than they ever were before. One of the places where this evident is at international schools, where people from different cultural backgrounds come together.. With a wide variety of nationalities present in a single place, these schools offer a small glimpse of the many cultures across the globe Religious intolerance is a pressing concern in Malaysia. The issue was raised by the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, following a visit to the country in September 2017 More significant is the incredible multicultural nature of the country. Few countries in the world have as complex a makeup. First of all, no ethnic or religious group is a majority. The population is an almost equal mixture of people with an African or East Indian heritage (each about 40%) with the remainder being largely of mixed race A Brief History of Multicultural Education (November 1999) by Paul C. Gorski, Hamline University and EdChange. As conceptualizations of multicultural education evolve and diversify, it is important to revisit its historical foundation -- the roots from which it sprang