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you can also see them in this place: /join hydra (if the story is not finished subscribe for more videosMusic: One Republic- Counting sta hey guys if this work like n subcribe k?? Hydra Scale. They are used in tercessuinotlim along with 4 other. cannot be baught. Used with Aracara's Fang, Escherion's Chain, Strand of Vath's Hair, and O-dokuru's Tooth in Tercessuinotlim. Hydra scales make great items because of their regenerative qualities

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Talk to it, get to the point where you. can choose where to go back, and choose the hydra option. Hydra drops scale. Posted: jun 19, 2010 7:39 pm. Best answer Open up the book and select the Story tab. Select Chiral Valley and then pick Battle the Hydra in. The hydra is located at Lake Bonfire in Chiral Valley. Go to it directly by typing /join hydra in the chat box.If you have already completed the hydra quests, you can use your Book of Lore to go My first aqworlds video , sorry guys i'm a little slow with typin', and hope this video is useful to you viewers , and comment on how i can help you all mor You will need 50x bone dust, aracas fang, 50x cubes, escerions chain, hydra scale, O-dokuros tooth, strand of vaths hair. But don't try to attack him, he is a level 99 and his hits are over 1 million

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  1. g. Is it more efficient to farm level 25 Hydras, or level 90 Hydras? Or is one of the in between Hydras better. PS: I have Void Highlord along with Vampire lord, so far
  2. This is a glitch that utilizes the update that AQW has just released...The one where if you let items stack up on your screen, It accepts all of them at once..
  3. Hydra Scale - Dropped by Hydra Head Giant Undead Tooth - Dropped by Odokuro's Head Strand of Vath's Hair - Dropped by Vath 50x Cubes 50x Bone Dust. Tercessuinotlim Map Tercessuinotlim Map (v0.6

The worst part is that this is the high season for tourism! I'm loosing so much money! Can you please clear the inner /templeb of DoomWood of 10 skeletons so that folks will be willing to stay here again and not have to spend their vacation on the shores of Hydra Lake

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Hey guys! Welcome backto another AQW Fresh Start epsiode! In this episode, I take on the new AQW Hydra Challenge. At first, I planned to do a normal AQW vide.. To get to certain areas you'll need the following; Defeat 50x Dark Makai Aracara Fang Escherion's Chain Hydra Scale O-dokuro's Tooth Strand of Vath's Hair 50x Cubes. Pathways. If anything Tercessuinotlim is confusing. Here is a map of the area, use that to get to the following NPCs. You'll need the area requirements for these How do you get a hydra scale if you have completed mobius aqw? u go to the book of lore and click story and also click Chiral Valley then go to pg.2 and click batle hydra Location: Hydra Lake Price: N/A (Dropped by Hydra Head (1)) Sellback: 1,250 Gold Rarity: Unknown Weird Rarity Base Level: 8 Base Damage: 56-56 30-30 Element/Damage Type: Water Description: A powerful sword crafted from the legendary Hydra scales. Notes: Inscription on the blade translates to miltonpoolrules allthings in Greek.; Also see: Champion Hydra Swor

‹ Subscribe and LIKE ›• (thanks for watching)‹ AQWWiki ›• Hydra Merge Shop: https://goo.gl/KzqhW4• Hydra Challenge (Location): https://goo.gl/VczDos. Hydra Scale from Hydra Head O-Dokuro's Tooth from O-Dokuro's Head Strand of Vath's Hair from Vath (Monster) Cubes x50 at Boxes Bone Dust 10x-50x Follow the given directions below to reach Nulgath: Nulgath/Skew: Left, center, upper left, down, middle, right, middle, right, right, left and left To go to the hydra type /join hydra-1 or try other numbers in the text box but i killed. the hydra so many times it said hydra tooth found many times but when i go to the. runestones i press the X 3 times but it just tells me Only a Hydras tooth can break this. stone! BTW my name is Emporor Fazer IV Tips: to go in the portal you must earn 50 bone dust from the skeleton wariors. when you'r in the miltonios area there will want from you:escherion's chain,strand of vath's hair,hydra scale.

Go to it directly by typing /join hydra in the chat box. If you have already completed the hydra quests, you can use your Book of Lore to go back. Open up the book and select the Story tab... > Hydra Scale x1 on /join hydra > And kill Tibicenas on /join djinn > Turn in the quest to get the Dark Crystal Shard x1 or x2. If you are willing to trade Tainted Gem x50 then do Tainted Deal Quest for Dark Crystal Shard x5, well. Require Unidentified 13 to access the ques Hydra Scale from Hydra Head O-Dokuro's Tooth from O-Dokuro's Head Strand of Vath's Hair from Vath (Monster) Cubes x50 at Boxes Bone Dust x10-50 Follow the directions down there to go to Nulgath... Nulgath/Skew: Left, center, upper left, down, middle, right, middle, right, right, left and left. Or look at those screen shots (Click on the pic to.

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You need x50 bone dust, x1 hydra scale, aracara fang, strand of vath hair, odokuro's tooth and escherion's chain. And x50 defeated Makai. Then, to get to Miltonius the NPC, check on youtube nulgath is at tercessuinotlim which can be found in citadel and here are the requirements:arcaras fang,strand of vaths hair, 50 bone dusts,50 cubes, escherion chain, o dukuros tooth and hydra scale is gonna be hard finding nulgath there so check the wiki or youtub Although the Hydra Heads at /hydra are the easiest source, you can save a lot of time by collecting Chaoroot as you hurt yourself in trying to get Uni 19 from Escherion. Archfiend's Favor x50; Mortality Cape of Revontheus x1. Archfiend's Favor x35 ; 10,000 gold . This quest actually requires 85 Favors and a total of 66,000 gold

Hydra Scale. You can get this item from defeating Hydra Head (Code Location: hydra). If you already completed The Battle For Mobius (The 1st Lord Of Chaos) quest, you must go to where you met Escherion for the first time (Code Location: runix). 8. Defeat 50 Dark Makai monsters (Tips: defeat only 1 Dark Makai in 1 room, because if they respawn. Hydra Scale from Hydra in /Hydra (Teleport from Dew Drop in /Mobius) Due to how often you'll be travelling to /Mobius, I recommend copying (Ctrl + C) the command and pasting it each time. This method is faster than travelling normally. There is a 50% chance to get 1 DCS and a 50% chance to get 2 DCS Hydra Scale O-dokuro's Tooth Strand of Vath's Hair 50x Cubes. Pathways Description: THIS QUEST IS FOR AQW MEMBERS ONLY! If you wish to gain access to the Pyromancer Shop you will need Shurpu Blaze Tokens. If you bring me a piece of Guardian Shale from the Ring Guardians, then I will craft it into tokens for you..

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Area Requirements To get to certain areas you'll need the following; Defeat 50x Dark Makai Aracara Fang Escherion's Chain Hydra Scale O-dokuro's Toot The Hydra's Scale is one of the sacred items that Zeus asked you to find to save Poptropica and to become immortal.. How to get the Hydra's Scale. Dive down underwater you can use the bubbles in the water for additional air. The way you want to go is across the top, down the right, and then left on the bottom Mysterious Hunt Guide Walkthrough - STAHP!!!, there is a mysterious stranger that bring us a list of quest. This stranger is located in shadowfall map. So i want to give you the walkthrough to complete this mysterious stranger: The Lost Teacher Quest: /join tutor and kill Horc Tutor Trainer. Big Gold Coins Quest: /join prison and slay the. You have to go to nulgath/miltonius (/join citadel) then go left, left and left get aracaras fang escherions chain, hydra scale, 50 bone dust, 50 cubes, vaths hair and when kill 50 dark makais when you go in the portal AQWorlds Facebook; Artix Entertainment Facebook; Artix Entertainment Twitter; List of all tags. Edit this Panel. O-Dokuro's Head AQWorlds Wiki » World » Monsters » O-Dokuro's Head Location: Yokai War (Location) Level: 20 19 Difficulty: 2 stars Total HP: 20,000 24,455 24,460.

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  1. Scripts: Hydra Scales - Lvl 25 Challenge (x300) Blade of Awe - Runes Found! I'll have more... eventually.. :p Forum. Reset Password if the quest item has it's own page on the aqw wiki, it is not a temporary item (i.e. if you go to the quest's page, and see the item required for the quest has a link to its own page, it is not a temporary.
  2. - Hydra Scale (Hydra, para ir vá em /join mobius, e viaje pelo tempo com a fada da entrada) - O-dokuro's Tooth (Odokuro Head em /join yokaiwar) - Strand of Vath's Hair (Vath em /join stalagbite) - Defeated Makai x50 (Em Tercessuinotlim, depois que tiver os Bone Dust) - Cubes x50 (De qualquer Sneevil em /join boxes
  3. Hydra Lake (/join hydra) Now, when you talk to Zio or Renn, you will get sent to where the Lake Hydra is. Accept the quest at the bonfire and head right three screens, or until you see the Hydra's Heads. Each Head drops a Hydra Tooth, so defeat nine of them. They also drop equipment, if you're interested in that
  4. If you are attempting to get an item that takes a long time to get, consider clearing your cache and relogging. Low Class Points. Class points are awarded on a descending scale. For each level you are higher than the monster level, 5% of the total possible points are deducted from the award
  5. code= Code ( Experience Boost ) CODE: %xt%zm%getMapItem%4%366% ( Gold Boost ) CODE: %xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365% ( Reputation Boost ) CODE: %xt%zm%getMapItem%4%515
  6. 1 Location 2 Description 3 Price 4 Sellback Swordhaven Level 5 Shop Forged from the scales of Hydra, the blade actually repairs itself when damaged. 20000 Gold 4000 Gold LOL im a lvl 11 and i have the hydra blade, big 100k, and upgraded those swords so they hit sooo high and i can kill everything! ^ I bet you can
  7. Getting to nulgath. Discussion. So lately I have recently acquired the items required for nulgath such as arcaras fang, odokuro's teeth, vaths hair, escherions chain, hydra scale, 50 maikai, 50 bone dust and 50 cubes... however I still cannot open the nulgath shop and quest does anyone know how to fix this? Or what am I missing

I am Miltonius. all you need to do is get 50x bone dust to enter tercessuinotlim. next kill 50 makais. Get 1 aracara fang from aracara , strand of vath's hair from vath , escherion's chain from escherion , odokuro's tooth from odokuro and hydra scale from hydra. head - Hydra Head at Hydra (Code Location: hydra). If you already completed The Battle For Mobius (The 1st Lord Of Chaos) quest, you must use your Book of Lore, then turn at the Story Page, at Chiral Valley Section. At page 2, you can see the Battle the Hydra. Click the Replay button to fight Hydra Head. - Mana Golem (Code Location: elemental 15 slots for the VHL Challenge quest, an extra 7 slots for access requirements to Tercessuinotlim (50 BDs, 50 Cubes, Escherion Chain, Vath hair, Hydra Scale, Aracara Fang and 50 Defeated Makai). So a total of 22 slots

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Hydra is the only Discord music bot you'll ever need! Invite Support. Wide range of platforms. Hydra allows you to play music from a wide range of platforms to cover all of your favorite songs! Supported platforms. Unique song request channel. When setting up Hydra to be used via a custom player you'll be able to control the bot from a unique. Hydra Scale x1 (join /mobius, then click the Dew Drop fairy. It will offer to take you to the Hydra) Tibicenas's Chain x1 (join /djinn) This will reward you with either 1 Dark Crystal Shard or 2 Dark Crystal Shards. NOTE: You may also receive these from the Supplies quest or the Nulgath Larvae quest HOW TO GO TO NULGATH. You have to go to nulgath/miltonius (/join citadel) then go left, left and left get aracaras fang escherions chain, hydra scale, 50 bone dust, 50 cubes, vaths hair and when kill 50 dark makais when you go in the portal

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Location: Tercessuinotlim Price: N/A Reward from the following quests: 'Summoning and Stuff' 'Trading and Stuff (Dual)' 'Trading and Stuff (Single)' Sellback: 0 AC Rarity: Awesome Rarity Base Damage: 27-33 Description: You are now the sole owner of this sword. No voices . No rules. No weakness. Only the shadows, and what's in ther Sardar MoktadirNovember 29, 2014 at 5:26 AM. AQW activates and deactivates these spammer packets from time to time. So there isn't any that doesn't work. You just need to use them in the right time

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First of all its NULGATH and he s in citadel you need: strand of vaths hair odukoru s tooth escherions chain hydra scale 50 cubes or bone dus 3. เก็บถุง Hydra Scale ให้ไปที่ /join hydra ไปตีเจ้าแม่นาคี ก็จะได้ถุงมา 4. เก็บถุง O-dokuro's Tooth ให้ไปที่ /join yokaiwar ตีหัวผี ก็จะได้ถุงมา 5 level 1. bettymarilynsmith. 2 years ago. Nulgath Larvae in yulgar. Just come continuously join yulgar until you find one. Looks like a hooded thing with a blue flame that is short. If you can't find one, go to gilead or elemental as people usually do the Nulgath (Larvae) quest, which requires you to farm in elemental and gilead. 3 AQW spam packets. Sell the item indicated altomaticamente without opening the shop. This is what really drop the item so that drops the items that are kind of SponZard potions and double xp

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For those of you who are asking why you don't get Legion Tokens, Diamonds of Nulgath, ect., the packet accepts the drop if you're AFK botting/too lazy to click the Yes button on the drops. The packets don't spawn them. August 3, 2013 at 3:22 P Aki pessoal irei postar todos os packets que já foram feitos, tomara que ajude vocês To get to Nulgath, you need the 5 mentioned items at the top of the page and: 6. O-dokuro Tooth from O-dokuro Head in /Yokaiwar 7. Hydra Scale from Hydra in /Hydra (Select 'The Hydra' from Dew Drop in /Mobius) Follow this path to get to him: Type / House Ver0 and keep walking upwards until you reach the portal. In /Citadel, enter the red portal.

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Then you have to pass the Challenge of Moocluckles. In this quest, you are locked into the ChickenCow armor. You will need to defeat the Raging Boar, the Somean Lion, the Gilded Hindeer, the Hydra, the Medewwsa, the Tauros, the Grrberus and, finally, the Shade of Death Dark Mystic v4.0. Sorry The Images Is Wrong ,Lols thi is Dark mystic v3.3. But U can Download Dark mystic V4.0. Download Here To Dark Mystic V4.0. Created:Armando .A. Don't Forgot To Follow This Blog To Get New Cheat Aqw

I need a hydra scale to get to nulgath but i defeated escherion and they wont let me fight the hydras again,can anyone tell me how to get it Posted: apr 02, 2012 10:38 pm 3 answers Subscribe Abus Lucretia: Get me bubbles from a Bubble Elemental for some nose-tingling zing, ground carrot essence from a Frankencarrot for taste, and scales from a Flame Fish for some kick. Lucretia : I'll also need some orcish fruit for a touch of sweetness, and some leaves from a swamp fern to make it go down smoothly The Book Wyrm is a neutral creatures added by Defiled Lands. It spawns inside defiled biomes where it replaces passive animals (Pigs, Cows, etc.). Adult Book Wyrms will retaliate when any nearby Book Wyrm (including themselves) is attacked, while babies will run away. When killed, Book Wyrms will drop 0-2 Raw Book Wyrm and 0-2 Book Wyrm Scale. If a Book Wyrm was on fire when it died, then the.

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Information. Getting to Tercessuinotlim. 1st Step: Get 50 Bone Dust from any Undead monster. 2nd Step: /join citadel. 3rd Step: Go through the cave to the right. 4th Step: Keep going right. 5th Step: Go through the cave with the view of the exit; leads to the portal room. 6th Step: Go towards to the portal leading to Tercessuinotlim how can i get to Miltonius shop and buy ungodly sword mail me please...proxy_chen@y.c you need : Escherion's Chain . Strand of Vath Hair . O-Dokuro Tooth , Hydra Scale , Arcara Fang and 50 Bone Dust to enter.. and to get Ungodly Reavers you need to accept Juggernaut Items of Nulgath and complete it.

Wavecrest. This item requires a Dragon Amulet. This water weapon was forged from the scales dropped by Cave Hydra during molting. Location: The Hydra's Lair. Price: N/A. Sellback: 10 Gold. Level: 7. Damage: 15-35. Element: Water 2 - Choose the desired Packet and paste the text area and click on the image and add (NOTE: To the packet using the item Cubes for this tutorial) 3 - Change the delay pro long as you want (Note: 1000 = 1 second) then click the box Spam. 4 - Click Yes in this little window that will appear black. 5 - Kill or Complete Quest which will drop.

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271: The Lake Hydra 272: Escherion 273: Defender 274: Mega Defender 275: Savage Warlord Armor 276: Horc Hacker 277: Curve Bladed Polearm 278: Infantry Pole Axe 279: Massive Horc Cleaver 280: Infantry Blade 281: Horc Mangler 282: Horc Claw 283: Steel Chopper 284: Pactagonal Armet 285: Cyclops Warlord Helm 286: Red Eye Staff 287: Yellow Eye Staff. 1. Obtain any farming pets you require such as Nulgath Larvae or Crag & Bamboozle. (Skip if you're free-to-play) 2. Farm the requirements to accept Void Shogun Farming Quest and explore /Tercessuinotlim. 3. Go to the Void Shogun NPC in /Heiwavalley and accept the quest. 4. Complete the quest by following the 'Reagents' tab Hydra blade - by it from blacksmith in sword haven. Dragon Scales, and Dragon Get on AQW, go To ballyhoo, watch one advertisement, but when the advertisement is over, click get prize, But don't wait for the prize. Click the exclamation mark over her head before the priz Login to modify your account settings, view Inventory, BuyBack, Progress, and more Thanks to ajrocks1234567890, Darrathualin, Eddmario, GENGSTUPID, Hole, Samurai4022, Shadow2792, Tokijin, Whatevr2, Moldebutt, Tux47, Zealotus and 1c3 r3b0rn

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AQW Quest ID List Use CTRL + F To search around! 1: First Quest 2: Chieftain's Head 3: Chipped Tooth 4: Hideous Tail 5: Funny Bone 6: Porkon's Pride 7: Zorbak's Reward 8: Secret Map 9: Farm Cleanup.. muita gente pergunta se o aqw pirata esta funcionando ak iesta a solução Le bot 7.2 e 7.3 mudaram ja, ja termos mais 2 le bots le bot 7.2 (nao ha como baixa) Le bot 7. Wonder How To is your guide to free how to videos on the Web. Search, Browse and Discover the best how to videos across the web using the largest how to video index on the web. Watch the best online video instructions, tutorials, & How-Tos for free. Have your own how to videos? Submit them to share with the world And for this aqw classes enhancements is using full wizard on all equipped item, because the skills that is used in the class is Magical How to get easy money. 1. Type /join portalundead-3232. 2.click the exclamation point on the girl. 3.then click Quest. 4.then accept Fire Gem. 5.do the quest. 6.then turn in in the quest of the woman

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Scripts: Hydra Scales - Lvl 25 Challenge (x300) Blade of Awe - Runes Found! Evolved Blood Orb of Nulgath - Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance Shurpu Blaze Token - Non-mem Tainted Gems - Dreadrock Gem Exchange Tainted Gems - Cubes (Max Stack turn in.) Void High Lord - Void Crystals A & B (v 1.0 - Farms for all reagents except for Unidentified 10, and Elder's Blood # Hydra Scale # Giant Undead Tooth # Strand of Vath's Hair # 50x Cubes # 50x Bone Dust And you will need 50x Defeated Dark Makai (this is Temporary Items: mean if you log out, you will lose those items) You will be able to get those items from monsters, trust me, they aren't harder than Escherion and his Staff Customize your avatar with a never-ending variety of clothing options, accessories, gear, and more

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