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Shop over 70,000 Products + 1,500 Of The Best Brands. Order Today T-King Cement Self-Leveling Tool Kit Epoxy Floor Paint Roller Blade Spike Rake Construction Tools. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 17. $109.99. $109. . 99. FREE Shipping Rust-Oleum 238466 Epoxy Shield Esh-06 Professional Based Floor Coating Kit, Liquid, Tan, Solvent Like, 263 G/L Voc, Two 1-Gallon containers, Dunes Sand 4.5 out of 5 stars 423 $133.31 $ 133 . 3

Application Squeegee * Application Squeegee included in our Tool Kit* 14 serrated 1/8 notched easy clean versatile squeegee* Used to spread the epoxy evenly at 10 mils thick prior to rolling the epoxy* Contains a polycarbonate threaded socket and a special die used to extrude the molten PVC together for a strong, durable bond between the frame and blade* Can also be used for any horizontal. Tools - Epoxy Floor Supply. Add to cart. 3″ Trim Brush (Box of 12) $ 10.32. Add to cart. 4″ Trim Brush (Box of 12) $ 22.62. Details. Out Of Stock Pure Metallic floor kits are 100% solids two-component epoxy specially formulated with a metallic pigment. Our kits include primer coat, metallic 100% solids epoxy color basecoat, effects color, and an optional clear coat (UV resistant urethane or 100% solids epoxy.) We also include (optional) tools for preparation and application Metallic Epoxy Floor Kits. Our metallic epoxy floor kits are made by Pure Metallic; a unique, 100% solids, two-component epoxy formulated with a metallic pigment. It is roller or squeegee applied to your floor. This coating requires a color-coordinated primer coat, 100% solids metallic base coat, metallic effects kit and a UV resistant urethane.

We sell colored and clear epoxy floor paint and coatings, complete kits, and industrial prep and application tools. Due to supply shortages throughout the entire chemical industry; we have limited supplies of various epoxy, urethane and color chip flakes. We will do our best to keep accurate stock availability online EpoxyMaster is your source for the finest in industrial epoxy floor paint coatings and DIY kits for garages, basements, kitchens, workshops and much more. + 1 888 376 9954 Monday-Sunday 10AM-5PM EST Shipping Information Return About Garage Floor Coating Brighten your garage with a clean, glossy, showroom-quality floor that is 5 times stronger than 1-part epoxy. Rust-Oleum® EPOXYSHIELD® Garage Floor Coating Kit applies in one easy coat and protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt, hot tire pick-up and cracking—for years to come Note: These are one-time use, as epoxy cures hard, so wrapping in plastic as you would regular paint will not keep it wet. Do not use mohair pads as they can leave track lines in the floor due to not having enough pad to absorb resin, these pads act like a squeegee and scrape the floor instead of evenly distributing the resin

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  1. Good epoxy flooring will have less than an hour pot life at 70 degrees. Any epoxy floor coating with an hour or more of pot life or that needs a wait time (induction time)after mixing is an epoxy to steer clear of. When working with Mil grade epoxy you want to mix no more than one gallon per person rolling
  2. This floor has a titanium base with moss green highlights.Leggari Floor Kits were designed to transform your floors into something new and unique by coating.
  3. Kraft Tool Co. GG242 - 12 in. Squeegee. $16.99. Add to Cart. A contractor's favorite. Use this 12 squeegee trowel by Kraft Tool Co. GG242 to smooth a variety of coatings such as metallic epoxy on countertops, concrete restoration, decorative concrete, drywall and general construction
  4. Metallic Coat kit is a single prime coat, and a Metallic clear top coat Cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy made for high wear chemical and compressive resistance. This product will on a properly prepared floor bond to concrete better than concrete bonds to itself
  5. We offer all of the tools and supplies you will need for paint and epoxy installations including kits, rollers, squeegees, respirators, and spiked shoes. Due to supply shortages throughout the entire chemical industry; we have limited supplies of various epoxy, urethane and color chip flakes
  6. g 1-Part Epoxy Satin Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint. Model# 90205. (614) $ 161 00. $ 161 00. Free delivery. Set your store to see local. availability
  7. These kids include a complete tool and accessories for one or two people depending on the size of your garage. The spiked shoes can be purchased seperately for walking on your epoxy floors without leaving a mark. Your garage floor paint project is sure to be a success with one of our complete kits

The process for applying an epoxy floor coating can be divided into the following steps: Familiarize yourself with the kit contents & plan the project. Remove all items from the area to be finished. Assemble the necessary tools and supplies required. Clean the floor. Prepare the floor surface. Apply the base coat Epoxy Tools for Epoxy Projects will show what we use for epoxy countertops, epoxy Art, Epoxy River Tables, and many other applications. Tools don't need to b.. Step Two: If your garage floor is already painted, you have to sand it down using a power sander for faster and easier results. Step Three: Thoroughly sweep and wash the floor with floor cleaner and then completely rinse. Allow drying for at least 3 hours. Step Four: Vacuum the entire garage floor from corner to corner to remove as much dust as.

DIY Metallic Epoxy Kits. We have created the ultimate metallic epoxy kit for garage floors as well as commercial and industrial applications. The included top coat includes a pre-mixed anti wear agent that also functions as your anti skid yet it exudes a beautiful high gloss finish. The system has two color options If you want to install epoxy flooring in your building, here is an easy do-it-yourself epoxy flooring installation guide you can follow. Sunrooms, basements, garages, and showrooms usually have concrete floors that have an epoxy coating which enhances their decorative feature. Epoxy flooring also has other benefits.. Find Epoxy Flooring Systems. Search a wide range of information from across the web with smartsearchresults.com Aside from the extension pole - this Kit has every tool you'll need for coating your floor from start to finish! EpoxyPRO Epoxy Installation Tool Kit. Includes 1-16″ notched 1/8″ serrated squeegee, 1-Big Ben 18″ roller frame, 1 Wooster 18″ roller cover with 3/8″ nap, 1 mix wand, 1 pair safety glasses, 2-pairs of gloves, 1-2. The Bon Tool 22-899 Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Tool Kit includes all the items you will need to mix and install self-leveling products. A great kit to have for your next restoration project, this Self-Leveling Floor Kit can be used to ensure your floor is perfectly level before you are ready to install new flooring

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Rake tooth height: 5MM. 1 x long roller brush. 1 x short roller brush. Nail shoe nail length: 3MM. 1 x self-leveling paint spikes Tools Only an Epoxy Flooring Installer Could Love. By Sophia Daukus on June 22nd, 2011 in Technical. In order for epoxy flooring to be correctly installed, special tools are required. While a good professional will keep the usual painting tools in their truck, such as various brushes, buckets, pans and edge tape, they'll also have on hand. Ideal for usage on extremely tough concrete floors where there are multiple layers of epoxy coatings or hard to remove coatings. This tool will last up to 4X time longer than the standard prep tool and can withstand up to 50,000 sq.ft of usage. The patented metallic blades are affixed to special plats that fit standard floor buffers Our flooring epoxy is great for commercial, home, or garage flooring projects. Calculating the size of your project and then see how much epoxy you'll need. For epoxy floor systems, we use a 2:1 mixing ratio. So, we sell a 1.5 gallon kits that cover 150 square feet. If you need more, we sell 15 gallon kits that cover 1,000 square feet

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  1. Armorseal 1000 HS. A high-solids, heavy duty, two-component, catalyzed, polyamide epoxy coating formulated for demanding industrial requirements. Learn More
  2. Epoxy Flow 100 Pigment is a high solids concretrated tint system specially formulated for Epoxy Flow 100. The color pack is formulated with high quality, ultra fine particle pigments that easily disperse in Epoxy Flow 100. Use 1 per 3 gallon kit of Epoxy Flow 100
  3. This revolutionary tool provides the fastest, most effective removal of mastic, adhesives, thin-set and thin mil epoxies from concrete floors. The patented design of the Diamabrush™ Coating Removal tool prevents the abrasive from loading up or clogging like other abrasive products, delivering fast, consistent performance throughout the life of the tool. Note: 16″ tool comes assembled with.
  4. Legacy Industrial Corp. is the nation's foremost supplier of high performance concrete coatings, sealers, stains, concrete repair and decorative concrete products. Clients choose Legacy Industrial because we know concrete-floors and we help them succeed! Customer Service. Call Today. 888-652-0333
  5. GARAGE FLOOR EPOXY. Thickest & Longest Lasting High Gloss Epoxy Flooring For Your Garage or Business! Available In 24 Standard Color & Pattern Combinations or Customize As You Wish! FREE SHIPPING. ARMOR CHIP GARAGE EPOXY FLOORING KIT. $610.00. ARMOR CHIP ADD ON EPOXY HALF KIT-ONE CAR GARAGE. $325.00
  6. Pure Epoxy 3 Gallon FULL KIT. EpoxyPRO EP600 Series is a an industrial grade/food grade, non-porous, chemical and stain resistant, two component 100% solids epoxy coating designed for interior applications where an impact resistant floor is needed. Odorless, ZERO (VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds produce a non-toxic, high-gloss finish with.
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Home 1 › Nour Garage Floor Epoxy Applicator Tool Kit 2. Nour Garage Floor Epoxy Applicator Tool Kit. Regular price $92.99 Quantity. Add to Cart. Kit consists of the following items: 18 Disposable Squeegee; Spiked Gunite Shoes; 9.5 Lint Free Roller Covers (2 units) 9.5 Roller Frame; 2-Pack End-Caps. From cleaning surfaces and tools to mixing and applying paint and resin, you'll find all the floor painting tools, accessories and supplies you need here. For effective and time efficient application of epoxy and polyurethane floor paints, primers and sealers, a good quality, sturdy roller kit which minimises hair pile loss is highly recommended Products from the R. C. Davis Company, Inc. Our True-Bond™ line of epoxies is formulated for heavy duty industrial repairs and resurfacing and are designed to withstand abuse from forklifts, tow motors, heavy weights, and even steel wheels! From areas that are constantly wet and unable to be dried for repairs, to freezing temperatures as low as 40 below zero, True-Bond™ brand epoxies meet.

2. Diamond Grinding. The second method for preparing your floor is diamond grinding. This method will restore smoothness to your floor, which is needed prior to an epoxy coating. The diamond grinding method requires the use of machinery, however, it is quite easy to do. You will need a floor grinder with the proper attachments for your floor Unlike hardware store epoxy finishes and floor paints, UCoat It floor coating products are true commercial-grade finishes that create seamless, beautiful finishes that are warranted for life against lifting and peeling, and are resistant to hot-tire-pickup. This kit includes all the necessary tools and an instructional video The Color Visualizer below works with these 3 product categories: Vinyl Chips and Flakes in 6 sizes: 1/32″, 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″ (220 factory mixed blends or create your own custom blend selecting from 140 solid colors) Quartz Color Granules in 2 sizes 40-S and 25-A (30 factory mixed blends or create your own custom blend. The Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Paint kit has practically everything you need to effectively cover your garage floor with a solid and aesthetically pleasing coat of epoxy. It's easily one of the best starter kits out there, combining a phenomenal product with a complete kit for application

The epoxy flooring tools that are accessible on the site are made from durable quality materials that last for a long span of time and are fully tested as well as guaranteed in terms of performance. These sets of epoxy flooring tools are easily portable and you can carry them anywhere i Watco Industrial Flooring Concrex® Application Kit: Concrete epoxy repair kit contains everything you will need for repairs to eroded or damaged concrete or bric. Concrex® Application Kits contain all the tools you need to achieve professional results for eroded or damaged concrete or brick with any products in our Concrex line Rust-Oleum Garage coat 2-Part Smoky Blue Gloss Garage Floor Polycuramine Kit. Rust-Oleum RockSolid Pearlescent Polycuramine Floor Coating Kit is a unique durable coating, 20 times stronger than epoxy, that can be used on interior environments creating the high-end appearance of quartz or granite. View Mor Working in a 4-foot-square area, apply epoxy to garage floor in a large W pattern. Backroll to fill in the pattern and remove any roller marks. Make sure edges remain wet as you move from section to section to prevent noticeable seams from forming. Let the first coat dry per manufacturer's instructions

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  1. Leveling blade is stainless steel, roller needle length is11mm, rack:2-3mm. Spike Shoe Size: 30x14cm(12x5.6). Spike Length: 2.8cm(1). as picture 1 shows
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  3. Etch the concrete floor using the etching solution provided in the epoxy coating kit, following the manufacturer's directions. Wear all recommended safety gear. Mix the etching solution with water, as directed. Pour the solution onto the floor and work it in with a stiff brush or broom
  4. Two brand new cases/kits of Quikrete Epoxy garage floor coating. We bought these about 5 years ago for our last garage, but never installed them. Each kit includes: 2-part epoxy; Bond-Lok cleaner; color flakes; stir stick; DVD and paper instructions. Each kit covers 250 square feet, so these two kits cover a 2-car garage (500 sq. ft.)
  5. The full pro kit includes a professional, dual-cartridge, low-pressure injection gun which makes the job much easier. The RadonSeal® PRO Injection Toolkit feature the most advanced dual-component polymers in the industry for both the epoxy surface sealers and the injection polymers
  6. Best Epoxy Resins for Wood in July, 2021. Here is the list of the best wood bar top epoxies you can get. 1. Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy Resin - Top Epoxy for Wood. Pro Marine Supplies was a company that started out as Pro Marine Repair a little over a decade ago
  7. Floor Preparation for the Epoxy System: First, you've got to make sure your surface is TOTALLY clean, solid and free of all dust and debris. Step 2. Apply the Colored Epoxy Paint Base Coat: Use the base coat for your metallic floor - we suggest either our Dura-Kote Water Based Colored Epoxy or Dura-Kote Pigmented Epoxy 100 in black or at.

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  1. e hardener that must be mixed together before application. This product comes in both.
  2. 8 Mix the epoxy. Make sure you read the instructions before mixing the epoxy. Also, put on your safety gloves, glasses and respirator. Pour the contents of the small can into the large can and mix the epoxy thoroughly. Once your two epoxy chemicals are mixed, immediately start applying it to the floor
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  4. One Time Application - Easy To Use Product - Order Now
  5. The Tool Kit Plus is our best seller to perform installations of regular epoxy. The kit includes everything you need for a professional epoxy paint jo
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  1. Pure Metallic epoxy floors are 100% solids two-component epoxy specially formulated with a metallic pigment. Our kits include primer coat, metallic 100% solids epoxy color basecoat, effects color, and an optional clear coat (UV resistant urethane or 100% solids epoxy.) We also include (optional) tools for preparation and application
  2. 5:1 Traditional Epoxy Resin Kits. $ 55.99 - $ 479.99. TotalBoat epoxy resin kits contain enough 5:1 Traditional Epoxy Resin and 5:1 Fast or Slow Hardener to tackle many epoxy projects. You also get calibrated mixing pump, stir sticks, and mixing cups. Choose from Quart, Gallon, and 4.5 Gallon kits with our Fast or Slow hardener
  3. Anchor holes sometimes need to be diamond cored, and Hilti's HIT-RE 500 V3 with roughening tool is the only ICC-ESR approved Resin Epoxy Anchors approved for cored holes in cracked concrete applications
  4. Purchase between 6 or more bags of the same color/blend and get 15% off, 12 or more bags of the same color/blend and get 30% off, 24 or more bags of the same color/blend and get 50% off the price of chips! The discount will be applied at checkout and orders will be shipped in bulk! White. Item # 100. Taupe
  5. Metallic Epoxy Flooring System for Concrete Substrates. FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental USA. Offered in a dazzling array of colors, designer epoxy coatings are used to create gorgeous and highly durable designer floors for residential and commercial spaces. Colors may be blended together to create new colors and multiple colors may be.
  6. um when a welder is not available. Repairs with patch panels or custom fabricated panels utilizing our panel adhesive can be done with structural integrity far superior to rivets themselves

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R. C. Davis Company, Inc., Manufacturers of Epoxy Concrete Repair and Coating Products for Industrial and Commercial Use Since 1973 Home of the True-Bond™ line of epoxies, our concrete repair materials have been serving major manufacturers as well as smaller companies for over thirty years! No matter what your epoxy needs are, from concrete floor repair, concrete wall repair, epoxy coating. add an anti-slip additive to the epoxy. hurry up and get the epoxy down before it hardens in the bucket. lay down a smooth, even layer, don't get it on anything but the floor, and remember: hurry. wait for the epoxy to cure. add a finisher coat. wait for the finisher to dry. add a second finisher coat Epoxy Resin Systems Epoxy resin is one of the most valuable tools available for modern boat repair and construction. Epoxy's popularity is due in large part to its versatility. It can be used for making small repairs as well as cold-molding a brand new hull. You can create a mixture with the precise characteristics that you need Hardwood Flooring Epoxy Repair Kit. Bostik Simple-Fix™ is a versatile, low viscosity, two-component, epoxy adhesive used to repair hollow spots, replace floor boards and to install thresholds, moldings and medallions. Its unique, dual-chamber plunger system makes dispensing easy, and any unused epoxy can be capped and stored for the next job

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For this floor we used a solid grey epoxy pigment as we wanted a high end showroom look for the floor in grey. This was the process we followed as we were mixing such large batches: GlassCast 3 mix ratio is 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener - we worked out that if we divided the total amount into the individual kits (3), then divided each kit. Quartz Epoxy Flooring. Quartz Epoxy floors create a great look to any floor while creating a very durable floor. Unlike flakes which have a larger size, Quartz has the consistency and size of sand. Anti-skid is added to make the floor slip-resistant. For a more industrial floor, a double broadcast of Quartz can be applied

Our Deep Pour Epoxy is a commercial grade casting resin specifically formulated for river tables, charcuterie boards, arts, crafts, and more. Cast deep molds or pour an entire live edge river table in a single pour. - Pour up to 2 Thick in a Single Pour - Crystal-Clear, Bubble Free Surface - Self-Leveling, High Gloss Finish - Low Viscosity and Long Working Time - Works with all Epoxy. 1150FC. Fast cure 100% solids, high-build epoxy floor coating for applications where heavy-duty protection is required. 2000PA. Tough, durable, flexible — UV resistant. 100% solids polyaspartic floor coating offering superior protection for indoor & outdoor applications RollerRock is a uniquely beautiful finish for any garage floor. We recommend the tile texture finish for garage floors for its superior cleanability and refined, solid appearance. It stands far apart from stereotypical epoxy / flake garage floor finishes and imparts a tough, slab-like stone surface with extreme resistance to hot tires

Rust-Oleum Pourable Concrete Patching Compound is fiber reinforced, easy to mix, pourable material for quick repairs to level out concrete surfaces. It will accept heavy traffic, including fork lifts, only 2 hours after application, and foot traffic just 30 minutes after. Just add to water, mix and pour. This compound sets at low temperatures. The Quality of Epoxy Flooring. The average 'big-box-store' kit is usually a water based floor coating. DIY floor coating manufacturers use a water-based formula because it extends the pot life (the time you have to work with the coating) to make it easier to use for the average consumer. Most DIY kits are 50% or more water based Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Floor Coatings. Restore-A-Garage is an advanced, water-based, Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating used for maximum protection and longevity. Restore-A-Garage Epoxy Coating is a 100% solid, high build garage floor epoxy coating that undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a thick coating, tightly bonded to the prepared surface

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The Importance of Surface Preparation Concrete floor preparation is a classic routine that holds the utmost importance for installing different surface applications. The most popular surface applications available today include decorative concrete (e.g. dyes, stains), concrete resurfacing (e.g. epoxy, flake flooring), cementitious admixtures (e.g. micro toppings, overlays), and concrete. Sikadur Crackweld Kit is a two component, low viscosity, fast curing epoxy sealing system concrete crack repair and solid masonry, it conforms to ASTM C-881 Countertop Clear Coat Epoxy. Rated 0 out of 5. $ 59.95 USD $ 39.95 USD Add to cart. Sale

It's also a good practice to use plastic sheeting (4 or 6 mil) to protect floors and work surfaces from epoxy spills and mask off any areas of your project you want to protect. Scarffer The Scarffer is a unique tool designed by boatbuilders for cutting accurate scarf joints in plywood up to ⅜ thick Kit Contains: Two Pints POR-15 Rust Preventive (Silver and Black) *Not for sale in the state of California. Floor pan holes were repaired with POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating, then the pits were filled POR-15 Epoxy Putty. The finish repair looks as good as new. The floorpan was topcoated with POR-15 Top Coat Chassis Black

Epoxy tile grout is renowned for high strength and chemical resistance, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of demanding applications. Unlike other grouts where regular cleaning routines are necessary, the non-porous nature of epoxy resin does not allow dirt, grime or moisture to penetrate grout joints, making it ideal for heavy. Specialists in Epoxy Flooring - All Purpose Coatings Pty Ltd specialises in the formulation, manufacturing and supply of high-performance products to the coatings industry. We supply & manufacture Epoxy, Urethane, Sealer, Polyaspartic & Concrete Sealer Australia Wide. Our trained & accredited team would be more than happy to assist with any of your questions regarding our range of resin products Quikrete Garage Floor Epoxy Kit. Quikrete's grey epoxy garage floor covering is a lot like Rust-Oleum's EpoxyShield in that it is extremely durable, but perhaps a bit difficult to apply.

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Some epoxy floors receive light foot traffic, while others must regularly support heavy forklifts. This is where epoxy shines. As one of the most easily manipulated products in the coating industry, epoxy can perform well in many settings. For light traffic areas, we can add a small amount of traction additive to provide slip resistance Epoxy Mortar. Epoxy mortar is among the hardest forms of flooring solutions and is made out of 100% solids epoxy which is integrated with graded sand and troweled into place. Epoxy mortars have high impact resistance, high chemical resistance, and are very durable. This is mainly used as a heavy duty floor coating This is my first post so I hope I get it right. I FINALLY have a dedicated shop all my own and I want to put an epoxy floor covering down. I went to the BORG and they have 2-part epoxy in a kit ($72) and 1-part epoxy in the 1 gallon can ($27)

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Boatbuilders know that good tools are part of the aesthetic experience of building boats. We sell the same tools that professional boatbuilders use in CLC's shop. CLC Tool Box Kit. The CLC Tool Box is the boatbuilder's interpretation of the classic tab-and-slot type, favored by woodworkers for its ease of assembly and flexibility Akemi Epoxy 8 Assorted Colors Kit. Akemi Polyester Adhesive Tinting Agents Makes Seams Disappear Akemi Polyester Adhesive Tints allow stone fabricators to easily match the color seams between countertop stone pieces to make them less visible KRISTAL 100 - 6.65kg. R 1,899.80. Rated 0 out of 5. Epoxy Casting Resins Add to cart. Out of stock The DriTac Solid & Bamboo Repair Kit is a unique repair system developed for correcting hollow spots and popping conditions for solid wood and bamboo flooring installations. A major cause of these problems for solid wood and bamboo floor installations are adhesive voids between the flooring and subfloor; costing the flooring industry millions.

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Jenflow epoxy flooring is completely customisable and can be purchased to suit you. We can supply starter kits that mean you can get an epoxy resin flooring installed by a trusted local tradesman. Coupled with its hardwearing, compound nature, resin floorings are also cost-effective solutions for your space Epoxy coating is a mix of polymer resins and hardeners. When applied to concrete flooring, epoxy creates a smooth, shiny surface that brightens the space.The durable and visually stunning finish makes it suitable for most residential and commercial applications SPARTACOTE FLEX SB is a fast-curing two-part polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea coating for both decorative and protective applications. Self-priming, it may be applied directly to a variety of substrate including concrete, metal/steel and epoxy. Our polyaspartic coatings provide excellent impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance characteristics Super tough bond: As we said earlier, this one's just a quick setting version of the strongest bond creating metal epoxy. So, it kept the reputation. It has a tensile strength of 2424 PSI and heat resistance of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the strength isn't the same but it's more than the industry average Flooring. 800-736-9308. About Us. Ordering Info. Contact. 800-736-9308. sales@carguygarage.com. 8AM to 4PM CST Monday - Friday. Join our newsletter

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