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Find beautiful and engaging PowerPoint templates with Envato Elements: https://elements.envato.com/presentation-templates/compatible-with-powerpoint?utm_ca.. First, open your PowerPoint. You have two choices. You can just have your viewers look at the slides (no audio, but with a timing you select) or you can narrate your slides (record audio on each slide). To add audio, go to each slide and select Insert, Audio PowerPoint then exports a video file, once we press Save, that's ready for YouTube. Press Save to export a video file. Now, just jump over to YouTube and start the upload process, just as you would with any video. Drop the file into YouTube with metadata and settings, so that people can find it when they're looking for it Open YouTube web page and sign into your YouTube account. Click on Upload at the top right corner of the page. Click the Select file to upload to browse and upload converted PowerPoint file (now in FLV video format). You could also directly drag and drop converted PowerPoint file to the box *If no timing exists, audio was not captured To review presentation from beginning to end to ensure audio and presentation quality, select Slide Show then from Beginning Save File with audio to a safe location (e.g. desktop) Step 2: Convert PowerPoint File to Video Fil

This video/audio was produced entirely in PowerPoint using both PowerPoint 2007 & 2010 ::: In v.2007 I'm able to configure audio quality then reopen in 2010. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to YouTube After converting the presentation into a video format, sign in to your YouTube account, and click Upload at the top of the page. Select the.. In this video, you'll learn the basics of inserting audio in PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, and Office 365. Visit https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/powerpoint/..

Learn how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with audio and video simply by using the build-in PowerPoint functionalities and tools. You will learn how to.. In PowerPoint, right-click and Paste the image onto your slide. You can adjust and resize your image if you need to. Now, right-click on the image you pasted (or inserted), click on the arrow next to the Link option, and select Insert Link from the side menu. Go back to your video on YouTube and copy the video's URL Then, you can open Youtube under www.youtube.com and choose Upload or you can follow the steps in Windows Movie Maker to export the PowerPoint presentation video to Youtube automatically. In order to do this you need either a Windows Live ID account (which is also free) or a Google Youtube account Luckily, the software comes with a tool to convert to .MP4, a format that YouTube accepts. Here are our step-by-step instructions for converting a PowerPoint presentation to a YouTube video Add audio to PowerPoint video on YouTube Step 3. In Creator Studio Classic, locate the PowerPoint Video you just uploaded and click on the Edit option from its information bar, then select Audio. Then, add audio at will, and save changes when it's all set

Open the YouTube video and click Select Area on the control menu. You'll see a cross-haired cursor. Click on it and drag it to select the area of the screen that you want to record. Note: PowerPoint automatically records the audio and the mouse pointer Welcome to a short tutorial on how to use PowerPoint to make YouTube videos. This really is a 10-step process, and I find it fairly easy to use, and I hope y.. WARNING: If a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation was created using a Mac, the only way to create a video of it without losing the audio is to save the presentation as a .pptx file and then transfer it to a Windows machine. Load the .pptx file into a Windows version of Microsoft PowerPoint and then Export the Presentation as Video Add and record audio, such as music, narration, or sound bites, to your PowerPoint presentation and select the playback options. Add audio from your PC Select Insert > Audio. Select Audio on My PC

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In each of them, the video plays, but there is no audio. The insertion method was to go to Insert/Video/Online Video and then search for the video in the search YouTube box. The video is correctly found and inserted, and when click on in the presenter view the video plays. (It takes 30 seconds or so for the play arrow to appear. Design your PowerPoint TIP: Use images and limit text to better engage viewers/listeners. Click the Slide Show tab NOTE: Do not add audio under Insert and Record Audio; this method will not allow you to save your PowerPoint as a video since it does not synchronize timings to automatically move the slides with the audio.; Click Record Slide Show NOTE: Audio may start recording automatically if.

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Recording Voice Over for Single Slides. Open the PowerPoint Presentation and select the slide that corresponds with the script you are about to record. On the top menu, select Insert Audio and then Record Audio. Give your audio recording a descriptive title (something with a bit more information than Slide 1) In PowerPoint 2016 and newer versions, we recommend that you use .mp4 files encoded with H.264 video (a.k.a. MPEG-4 AVC) and AAC audio. For more details, see Video and audio file formats supported in PowerPoint. Embed a video stored on your PC. In Normal view, click the slide that you want the video to be in

Open the presentation and select a slide to add an audio file. Click the Insert tab on the menu bar and click the Audio File button in the far right corner of the menu bar. Select the Audio From File option from the pull-down menu. Locate the audio file you wish to add to the presentation and double-click to insert it into the current slide All you need a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint (any version), the PPT file, a webcam or microphone (if you want to record audio) and Internet access. OK, let's get started: Open your PPT presentation file inside PowerPoint and switch to Slide Show menu to setup the exact time duration for each slide PowerPoint will display the slide show in a window. In Zoom, start or join a meeting. Click Share Screen in the meeting controls. Select the PowerPoint window then click Share. Single-monitor setup with slide show in full screen. Open the PowerPoint file you want to present. Start or join a Zoom meeting. Click Share Screen in the meeting controls

The best luck I've had with PowerPoint 2013 is to save as MP4 video format. Save the mp3 audio files in the same folder with the MP4 video. Use Windows Movie Maker to upload the MP4. Then, I import the MP3 audio files (you can use WAV format too) and adjust the fade in and fade outs for fast, medium, or slow in Movie Maker When the output video comes out, upload and put the video presentation to YouTube. Method 2 Use Third-Party software to convert PowerPoint to YouTube-Ready Video You can google for a sound PowerPoint-to-YouTube-video converter You cannot directly upload PowerPoint slide directly to YouTube. In order to upload the PowerPoint slide you need to convert the PowerPoint slide to a video format and then you may upload the file to YouTube. There are many third party video converting software available in the market. Codec is not required for this action The easiest way to upload videos to YouTube on Mac is using UniConverter for Mac, which is the perfect tool for all video and audio related activities. Apart from uploading Slideshow videos to YouTube with ease, it helps you convert videos and audios to other file formats for playback on devices and TVs

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The save as movie feature is broken. Sound is not retained. You can complain about this to Microsoft using PowerPoint's Help menu and choosing Send feedback, but I think they're busy with mobile devices these days. Make a screen recording of your presentation and save that as a the movie to upload to YouTube On the File menu, select Save to ensure all your recent work has been saved in PowerPoint presentation format (.pptx). On the File menu, click Save & Send. Under Save & Send, click Create a video. To display all video quality and size options, under Create a video, click the Computer & HD Displays down arrow Upload your PPT file to a file sharing service (method #4) Use a slide hosting service (method #5) Upload your converted PPT-to-video file to YouTube (method #6) Once your file is uploaded to the cloud, then sharing it to the rest of the world wide web becomes a much simpler job

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CRS 30165 How to Upload a PowerPoint to YouTube in 60 seconds HB. Catatan: Tonton tutorial singkat ini screencast atau ikuti langkah cepat di bawah ini yang melengkapi video ini. 1. Ekspor Presentasi Anda. Pertama, ayo kita pergi ke tab File di PowerPoint, dan pilih Export. Mulailah dengan mengklik tab File. Klik Creat a Video untuk mengekspor. Visit their website and click Connect YouTube account. After successful linking your YouTube account, go back to the site. Select the audio file and photo you want to share on YouTube. Click Upload files and input the necessary info for the audio track. When you are done with file uploading, click the Create video button on. Launch PowerPoint and open your presentation. Add a new slide or click on the slide on which you would like to add to the video. Navigate to the Insert tab. On the Insert tab, click Video > Online Video (A YouTube search box will appear). Type or paste the name of your YouTube video in the YouTube search box and press enter Adding a track from YouTube or SoundCloud; Editing the audio timing in PowerPoint; Adding a track from your computer. Open your presentation and select the slide where you'd like the track to begin playing. Select the Insert tab in the top toolbar and choose Audio, then Audio from file. When you've selected the file you want to use from. Use PowerPoint's Playback option which is displayed after you embed a new video. Step 4: Save PPT as Video. After clicking File, followed by Save As, save the PowerPoint as a WMV file. Your video is now ready for upload on YouTube and any other video-sharing sites

Similarly, uploading a presentation to YouTube means that anyone with internet access can view it across multiple devices. In an earlier post we showed you a simple way to upload your PowerPoint presentation to YouTube, this time we will present you with another method of creating a YouTube PowerPoint Presentation 1. Record audio over your PowerPoint presentation 2. Save it as an .mp4 file 3. Upload the .mp4 file to YouTube 4. Copy and Paste the YouTube link to Blackboard Step 1: Record audio over your PowerPoint presentation: Using your personal computer's microphone or external microphone, click on: SLIDE SHOW/Start Recording from Beginning: Begin.

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How to Add an Audio File to PowerPoint if It's From YouTube. Head to the Insert PowerPoint tab to add YouTube videos. In the PowerPoint presentation on the ribbon, find the Insert tab and click on it. Now let's choose an online video. Right inside PowerPoint, you can use the first search option from YouTube on your chosen topic Open the slide you want to put the picture on. On the floating ribbon, switch to Insert. Tap Video or Audio and follow the prompts. Tip: To record your own audio and add it to your slide use your favorite voice recorder app on your device to record an .mp3, .wav, or .mid/.midi and follow the steps above to insert it on your slide

  1. Step 2. Choose YouTube video format in the converter. At the lower section of this PowerPoint to video converter, you can find Profile, Video Quality, Audio Quality, Output and other settings or options. Click the Profile list and select MP4 as the video format. You can also choose other YouTube video format, like WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLV, SWF, MKV, 3GP..
  2. Option 1. Export PPT to video. Step 1 After creating a PowerPoint presentation, select File tab from the ribbon. Step 2 Click on Export > Create a Video. Step 3 Make PowerPoint to Video Setting: Under Create a video, click Computer & HD Displays down arrow to display all video quality and size options
  3. Step 1 Free download, install and launch PPT to video converter.Choose Video Recorder to make a PowerPoint presentation into a video.. Step 2 Set the recording area by dragging with your mouse. Or you can select the PowerPoint window to record PPT directly. If you want to add voice over and background music to a PowerPoint video, you can enable Microphone and System Sound
  4. Create engaging PowerPoint video presentations with Screencast-O-Matic. Save time and easily create videos of your presentations with your webcam and audio narration. Use PowerPoint notes as a video script. Control and adjust webcam picture-in-picture (PIP). Hide/show webcam at any point in your presentation
  5. Adding Audio and Video to PowerPoint Presentations Lombardo 8 Link to a Video or Audio File Online (The example is for a video but the same procedure works for audio.) Using a web browser, find the page that contains the video you want to show. Highlight the URL (web address) and copy it (Edit Copy). Switch back to PowerPoint
  6. How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. PowerPoint has come a long way with regards to displaying video into presentations, and this method is proof of that. PowerPoint offers the option to embed a YouTube (or other video platform) video directly from the website in just a few clicks
  7. To delete a music clip or another sound in PowerPoint, do the following: Locate the slide that contains the sound that you want to delete. In Normal view, click the sound icon or CD icon , and then press Delete. You can add audio, such as music, narration, or sound bites, to your PowerPoint presentation

If you upload an audio file as an assignment in Google Classroom, you can choose to make copies for each student to have in his or her Google Drive. In the following video I demonstrate how to upload and share audio and video files in Google Classroom without having to use third-party services like YouTube or SoundCloud Follow the steps below to record your presentation with audio. Step 1. Open your PowerPoint presentation on your Windows. Step 2. Click Slide Show, followed by Record Slide Show. Step 3. Here are 2 options - Record from Current Slide and Record from Beginning. Just choose the one you need To convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video, simply: Click the File tab. Select Export. . Select Create Video . Choose your Video Quality and Recorded Timings and Narrations (see details below) Click Create Video. Choose where to save the video on your computer and click Save

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  1. Click Import slides and then upload your PowerPoint. Peter Aitken/Business Insider. 5. Upload the PowerPoint file. 6. Select the newly-converted Slides. If you want to go the other way, and.
  2. After converting, you could then freely upload the converted PowerPoint files to YouTube or blog for sharing. Solution 2: Use Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro to Convert PowerPoint to FLV Video. As mentioned above, PPT to FLV converter online requires Internet connection and doesn't support batch PowerPoint to FLV conversion
  3. Embedding a YouTube Video in PowerPoint. Select the slide where you want to embed the YouTube video. On the Insert tab, click the Video button. On the drop-down menu, select the Online Video option. The Insert Video window that appears lets you search YouTube for a video or paste in that embed code you copied from the YouTube.
  4. PowerPoint includes some basic audio editing tools that allow you to change where the song starts playing from, adjust the volume, fade in and out, and more. Select the audio object to open the Playback tab if it isn't already. Add bookmarks to the track. When you hover over the audio object, you'll see a track time slider
  5. Audio search results for Powerpoint Presentation. Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects. Close. powerpoint presentation. (6 results found) Sort By. Most Relevant. Simplicity. Corporate Inspiring Happy Ambient
  6. Find the Insert option on the panel and choose Video from the drop-down menu. Select the file from Google Drive storage or insert the link from any YouTube video by switching over to the By URL tab. 3. Enable Autoplay mode. Upon embedding video files to one of the slides, right-click it and select Video options

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  1. Find your PowerPoint presentation through the browser window. Click Upload in order to save the presentation to your Scribd account. Type in your email address, when you see the screen that says Wait! Your document isn't published yet. The email address is required for legal reasons. Click Send to publish your document
  2. Step 1: Visit Google Slides on the web and open the presentation that you like to edit. Step 2: From the left sidebar, select the slide in which you want to add audio. Step 3: Click on the Insert.
  3. Now let's see how to convert PPSX to video online in simple steps. - Go to Converter365, upload the PPSX file. You can upload it from the local computer or add it from the URL. - Click on the Start Conversion button once you have uploaded the PPSX. - Your converted PPSX, which is an MP4 file, will be ready in just a few moments
  4. Upload the desired audio to Google Drive using New> File Upload. Go to Google Slides. Go to Insert> Audio. The file will be displayed under the recent tab. Pick the audio and click select. A speaker button will appear on your slide. Move the icon to the desired position and click on it to play
  5. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide where you want to add audio. On the Insert tab, in the Media group, click the Audio drop-down arrow. Select Record Audio. A new window will open. Record Audio option. Enter the name of the audio file you're about to record. Entering the file name
  6. This becomes an issue when uploading your project to Google Slides. The video and audio will no longer work as it once did in PowerPoint. Once your project is uploaded, you can re-insert the video directly from your computer or YouTube while in Google Slides. Unfortunately, the process is a little harder when working with audio
  7. The below methods are all effective ones to help you view PowerPoint on TV, some of which are even free of charge. Part 1: Play PowerPoint on TV via HDMI Cable Connection. Part 2: Save PowerPoint to Video and then Play PowerPoint on TV. Part 3: Burn PowerPoint to DVD for Playback on TV

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The PowerPoint to iPhone converter software fully supports to convert PowerPoint to more than 150 kinds of different video and audio files with no quality losses. It could convert PowerPoint to MP4 or MOV for iPhone so as to let you play PowerPoint on iPhone without any difficulty How to Add Music to Google Slides: Inserting Music from a YouTube Video. The alternative to an audio file is inserting a YouTube video and you can make it happen in two simple ways. The first one includes all the steps above, although, instead of copying and inserting a link to an audio file, you do it with a link to a YouTube video To insert a video file into PowerPoint, open your presentation and select a slide. From the ribbon bar, click Insert > Video > Video on my PC. Locate the video file on your PC in the Insert Video.

The files will upload and process, and as soon as they are ready, you'll see them as thumbnails on the Create page. From an open VoiceThread. Click on the postcard icon at the bottom of the page. Click on the + button. Click on the file upload button on the right How to convert PPT slide presentation to upload to YouTube? I have PPT 2008 and have prepared professional-level animated slide presentations [low-ended levels] and wish to share them on YouTube. I have learned there are several ways to do so but not all are Mac and user-friendly How to upload PowerPoint to You Tube 1. Upload PowerPoint to YouTube This is a tutorial about how to upload PowerPoint slide show to YouTube First, click Add to import PowerPoint files for converting to Vimeo videos. Second, click Settings to set the output video and audio parameters. The best video and audio parameters for uploading to Vimeo should be: Recommend using H.264 video codec. Use Frame rate at 25 or 30FPS (up to 30FPS supported by Vimeo)

You can't upload audio files to YouTube. See a list of supported file formats that can be uploaded to YouTube. To add your content to YouTube, try converting your audio file to a video file by adding an image. YouTube doesn't have a tool to do this, but you can try other video editing software Step2. Click the Import button to import the audio and image files you want to upload to YouTube. After that, you have to find where the image and audio files are stored and choose them to add. Next, click on the Import Selected button located in the bottom corner on the right side of the interface. Step3 If you want to get a piece of that traffic and not lot business, then record PowerPoint presentation with audio and video, and upload it to YouTube. Moreover, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google; if you are on Google, you should also be on YouTube Add sound to the YouTube video. After uploading, it's time to add custom music to your YouTube video. This is very easy to do, simply navigate over to the right side of the editor and tap the 'Add Audio' button. You can upload music or sounds straight from your device or from Dropbox or Google Drive account if it's stored there From the drop-down menu that appears, select Video on My PC if you're using a Windows machine or Movie from File if you're on a Mac. A dialog box will then open. Navigate to the location of the video, select it, and click Insert.. With the video now embedded in your presentation, save and then close PowerPoint

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Navigate to the folder where the sound or music file is stored, choose the file, then select Insert . Select the audio icon. Go to the Audio Tools Playback tab. In the Audio Options group, select the Play Across Slides check box. The sound file will play across 999 slides or to the end of the music, whichever comes first 1. Use the PowerPoint Insert Tab to Add a YouTube Video. In your PowerPoint presentation, find the insert tab on the ribbon and click on it. Now let's choose online video. Right inside of PowerPoint, you can use the first option to search from YouTube with the term of your choice. Find a YouTube video to Insert directly into PowerPoint 2. On the YouTube video page below the video, Click Embed and then Copy the entire embed code. Optional - After clicking the Embed button, the embed option menu will appear allowing you to. Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or better. Minimum audio-visual duration: 33 seconds (excluding black and static images in the video channel as well as silence and background noise in the audio channel) Framerate: Videos should be in their native frame rates without resampling. For film sources, a 24fps or 25fps progressive master yields the best results iSpring River integrates with PowerPoint and allows you to convert your slideshows to MP4 format and upload them directly to YouTube in a single click.It can help teachers and trainers in the education and corporate sectors to turn even the most complex PowerPoint presentations into crystal-clear 1080p HD format

You can insert external audio files into a PowerPoint presentation rather than record the audio in PowerPoint directly. You'll need to use a supported audio file type such as WAV, MP3, or MID Locate the video you'd like to add music and open it. Click the Audio selector on the menu at the top of the screen. In the section below your video, locate a track you like and then click the button. Next, you want to adjust how much (if any) of the original audio you'd like to hear by moving the slider under AUDIO SATURATION Open the PowerPoint file. Double-click the PowerPoint file you want to convert to a video, or open PowerPoint and click File and Open to select the existing document. Click File and select Export. It's in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click Create a Video. It's the third option from the top of the Export menu

If you prefer to upload music from your PC instead, go back to the audio options menu and select Audio on My PC. This will open your PC's directory. Locate the audio file you'd like to use, then select Insert at the bottom-right of the window. PowerPoint supports several popular formats, like MP3, MP4, WAV, and AAC Clearer audio and clearer video achieve more effects. 1. The output has excellent audio and video, let alone the problem of audio and video synchronization, audio distort, so that your PowerPoint would be easily accepted by YouTube, and thus much more people can share your PowerPoint. 2. The animation output video file is really an enjoyment. 3 How To Record A PowerPoint Presentation With Audio And Video. With Panopto Express, the most advanced free video and screen recorder available today, it's easy to record yourself and your PowerPoint slides side-by-side with just your laptop and its built-in webcam and microphone. Just open Panopto Express in your web browser, select the media.

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Insert music/sound file into a PowerPoint. Open a PowerPoint file. On the Insert menu, point to Movies and Sounds, and then click Sound from File. Click the music or sound file you want to insert and then click OK. ┬ĚTips: Always put the music/audio file in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation You can reduce the size of large PowerPoint presentations in several ways. The most common strategy to reduce the size of a PowerPoint file is to compress pictures, video and audio. However, you can also use other methods to make files smaller including saving media and PowerPoint files in other formats and converting or removing embedded objects Solution 2: Share PowerPoint File as Video on Facebook. As we know, we can upload a video to Facebook directly. So, if we can transfer PowerPoint file to a video, sharing PowerPoint on Facebook will be no longer difficult. This PowerPoint to video converter is recommended for doing this: Wondershare PPT2Video Pro Step 1: Import PowerPoint files. Run the best PowerPoint converter and click Add to load PowerPoint files to the program. It supports batch conversion so you can add multiple PowerPoint files and convert to videos at a time in turn. Step 2: Choose an output video format. Click on the dropdown menu of Profile and then move your. How to save a recorded PowerPoint presentation as a video. You can share your presentation as a PowerPoint document to allow people to step through the presentation, but you can also export it as a video. You can then upload the video to YouTube, Microsoft Stream, or Teams to provide a more consistent way for it to be viewed

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Moyea PPT to Video Converter-- PowerPoint slide show to Video Converter. Convert PowerPoint presentations to videos of any popular format. This all-in-one PowerPoint to video converter enables you to convert PPT to AVI, PPT to WMV, PPT to MPEG, PPT to FLV, PPT to MP4, PPT to VOB, PPT to 3GP/3G2, PPT to MOV, etc.Moreover, it brings neither distortion, nor a slight loss of PowerPoint effects to. Adding audio to PowerPoint is a simple process. However, if you try to insert Spotify music into PPT presentation, you might come across a problem that you could not find the songs downloaded from Spotify after clicking the insert button on the PowerPoint Presentation operating menu. It seems that Spotify music cannot be compatible with PowerPoint Launch PowerPoint if it is not already open, go to the slide you want to embed the YouTube video to, click Insert from menu bar present above the Ribbon, click Video from the Media section at the right end of the Ribbon, click Online Video from the list that appears, in the Enter the URL for the online video field on the Online Video box, paste. Stepwise Guide to Insert a MP4 Video in PowerPoint. Step 1: Open the PowerPoint, click on the Insert tab, and select Video. Step 2: Select the Movie from File option and choose a video file from your drive by double-clicking on it. Step 3: You can also format the video to begin Automatically or When Clicked Upload your PowerPoint and select Share Now. A slide navigator panel opens showing you all of your slides. Select a slide to start sharing it. Select the presentation name to open the slide navigator panel again at any time. If your presentation has animations, share the PowerPoint application instead of uploading the PowerPoint files

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Another method is to try using the built-in proper media compatibility settings in PowerPoint to fix the video or audio that won't play. Below are the procedures. Open the PowerPoint file and click the File menu on the most left position of the top bar. Select Info. Then PowerPoint will detect if the embedded media is incompatible with the. If you have a local copy of the audio file you want to insert on your computer, upload it to your Drive and then use the Google Drive tab to search and locate it. Google Slides supports MP3 and WAV audio formats. To add the audio to Google Slides, open your presentation, click Insert on the menu bar, scroll down and select Audio. A window will.

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As a visual medium, there's no better way to learn PowerPoint quickly, then with video tutorials. These 60 second, quick-fire videos will teach you how to use a variety of powerful PowerPoint tools. Keep in mind, every tool you become familiar with using brings you that much closer to mastering PowerPoint presentation design To keep up with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, Google Slides has added an audio feature to help you design more interactive presentations. You can add audio from YouTube videos, streaming. Adding Audio to a Powerpoint Presentation - 3 Inserting an audio file To insert an audio file: 1 - Choose the location where your file is located 2 - Select the file 3 - Insert the file into your presentation What your audio file will look like on your PowerPoint slide When you insert your audio clip, it will appear as shown above Part 2. 4 Free and Ever-lasting Solutions to Upload Audio to Facebook. Solution 1 - Merge a Photo and a Song into a Video File for Uploading to Facebook. Solution 2 - Upload Audio to Social Audio Platform and Share to Facebook. Solution 3 - Upload Your Music to Audio Distribution Platform with Facebook Sharing Function E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter is an all-in-one PowerPoint to video converter.It can convert PowerPoint presentations to almost all popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MPEG2 TS, MP4, WMV, 3GP, GIF, FLV, SWF, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/PSP AVC Video, MOV, Youtube FLV with excellent quality. you could easily convert PowerPoint presentations to play on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Zune.

Part 2: Best Video Settings for YouTube Uploading. In most cases, YouTube optimizes your video for online playback. If you want to get the best format for uploading to YouTube, you should know the video and audio Settings including file size, duration, deinterlacing, format, audio, codec, resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate and bitrate A narrated PowerPoint presentation about adding audio narration. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website Convert your files to the Microsoft Powerpoint format with this easy to use online PPT converter. You can convert PPTX to PPT as well as OpenOffice (ODP) or Libreoffice formats. ppt converter. Upload your audio you want to convert to PPT: Drop Files here Choose Files. Enter URL Dropbox Google Drive If you use PowerPoint 2010 or later, you have the option of using STAMP. PowerPoint has an add-on (called STAMP - Subtitling text add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint) that allows you to add closed captions to the video and audio files in your presentation. Here are step by step instructions on how to use STAMP to add video captions to PowerPoint

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