If feet are a symbol for growing up, what do the brown and white school shoes mean in this chapter?

Ultimate Big Chill: Well, so much for that little escapade I breathed ice at him, trying to hold him down. Vilgax cut his way out of my ice, and I flew through him, encasing him in ice as I hit my symbol, growing into a larger bug, growing two more arms, and larger wings. Ultimate Big Chill: GIGA BIG CHILL! I flew over him, dropping ice. The symbol in the center was red and had a button of the same color on the side indicating that it was the turn on/off switch. He stared up at Gwen for a moment and watched her grin as five quick minutes have past and the Omnirtix glowed back to its emerald green color giving off the impression that it was ready for activation once again

A ship- wrecked couple and their infant son are marooned on a tropic island for some 18 years, while the husband—who calls him- self a scientist—teaches the growing boy to ignore the alphabet, books and all his civilized instincts in favor of the primitive tenets that Death is everywhere - . . the strong survive. . life is cruel

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