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Pandemic accelerated UK's shift online, says Ofcom. Online shopping soared, topping £110bn in sales, while adult sites were visited by half of over-18s. Read more. next. Posted at 12:18 28 May Regulator Ofcom has announced Anna-Sophie Harling will be its online safety principal, dealing with how the tech giants regulate harmful speech. She will be in charge of implementing the Online.

24 October 2019. Providing high-quality, trusted news and current affairs is central to the BBC's remit. At a time of highly political and polarised debate, the need for accurate, trustworthy and robust journalism is as important as it has ever been. In March, we launched an in-depth review of BBC news and current affairs, putting audiences. Ofcom's third Annual Report on the BBC (PDF, 6.1 MB) Adroddiad Blynyddol Ofcom ar y BBC (PDF, 6.8 MB) Annex 1: Compliance with regulatory requirements (PDF, 517.9 KB) Ofcom's letter to the BBC about the BBC's regional news and current affairs, 17 August 2020 (PDF, 193.7 KB) BBC's response to Ofcom's letter, 19 November 2020 (PDF, 176.0 KB

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  1. Ofcom: BBC News and Current Affairs Review Final report by PwC Research October 2019. PwC Contents Introduction . Context: UK news audience behaviours. Audience needs and wants from a news provider. Perceptions of BBC News by platform. Perceptions of BBC current affairs output vs. competition. Challenges an
  2. News at Ten. Compared to sites such as the Daily Mail, Sun and Mirror, BBC online featured more hard news topics about politics and international affairs. Similarly, the BBC News app had a harder news agenda than news apps on ITV and Sky News. Overall, across BBC broadcast, online and news apps, a broadly consistent editorial diet o
  3. The BBC said it welcomed Ofcom's report and its assertion that audiences value the BBC particularly for distinctive, high-quality, creative programmes, educational content and trusted and.
  4. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Money Box, Huw Saunders, a director at Ofcom, says caller ID should not be used as a means of verifying a caller's identification
  5. I hope Ofcom start doing their job properly to make sure the BBC and Channel 4 in particular start reporting news properly and not just to appeal to a narrow band of north London metropolitan.
  6. She also revealed that Ofcom research suggested that 12- to 15-year-olds used the BBC as their first source for news. Dame Dawes was appointed to the Ofcom role in February

New powers will be given to the watchdog Ofcom to force social media firms to act over harmful content. Until now, firms like Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have largely been self. The process to appoint the new chairman of the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom is to be re-started, the BBC has been told. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has written to the government's Commissioner. Media regulator Ofcom received a huge number in complaints over the last year - the highest since it started in 2002. The UK broadcasting watchdog received 142,660 complaints between 1 April 2020. The BBC needs to do much more to attract younger audiences to its services, according to Ofcom's annual report on the corporation. But, the regulator added, the BBC still plays a central role in.

BBC shamed in brutal Ofcom report as viewers accuse Beeb of 'bias in news' THE BBC has been accused of biased news reporting and failing to stay relevant to younger viewers, according to a damning. Ofcom will not carry out a public interest test against BBC Radio 1 Relax saying the stream has significantly lower usage than predicted. The regulator says the impact on competitors' services. BBC hit with Ofcom complaint from GB News after 'shutting out' broadcaster. GB News has ramped up pressure on the BBC by sending a letter of complaint to ministers and regulators about alleged. Ofcom: BBC One, ITV and Facebook are the most used news sources in the UK. In that order. Ofcom's latest research into digital news consumption also found that the over-65s still prefer to get their news from TV, while those from minority ethnic groups overwhelmingly favour the interne THE BBC has been dealt a blow after new figures from Ofcom showed a drop in teenagers using the broadcaster as their main news source due to switching to YouTube instead

The BBC may not be sustainable in its current form, if it fails to regain younger audiences who are increasingly tuning out of its services. Ofcom's annual report on the BBC looks at its performance between April 2018 and March 2019. It found that the BBC is generally serving viewers and listeners well, and people are satisfied with it Piers Morgan's comments about the Duchess of Sussex on Good Morning Britain have attracted a record number of complaints to TV regulator Ofcom. Some 57,000 complaints have been made about the show.

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The UK regulator Ofcom has launched a full competition assessment into the BBC's proposal to launch BBC Three as a TV channel. Ofcom says that it is required by the Charter and Agreement is to. While the BBC is officially self regulated, the News-watch has approached Ofcom because its decisions are open to judicial review in the High Court which could open the way for a legal challenge. BBC News seems to be under the impression that it needs to balance all its reports on trans issues with comments from transphobic groups. Extremely inappropriate, says the @Ofcom boss.

In any case, Ofcom suggested the BBC had failed to hold onto viewers in lower socio-economic groups with its news programming in particular. It said BBC news reach to people within its low socio. Ofcom said it was screened too early because seriously offensive language, graphic violence and drug abuse occur in the first 20 minutes of the film. The BBC lost three appeals against Ofcom's decision. The Ofcom ruling acknowledged steps were taken to warn viewers and research showed that viewers were more tolerant of adult content in films Despite the criticism and warnings about issues with its future audience, Ofcom concluded the BBC still has a central role in the lives of many Britons, Even the BBC News website, the dominant. An ex-BBC executive who was part of the 1996 internal investigation into Martin Bashir's interview with Princess Diana has quit Ofcom.Tim Suter has left his role with the broadcast regulator by.

Ofcom has announced that after completing its initial assessment of the BBC's proposal to launch BBC Three as a television channel in January 2022, it was launching a full competition assessment. In June 2021, Ofcom sought views from interested or affected parties to inform its initial assessment of the BBC's proposal to launch BBC Three as a television channel.. In February 2016, the service became the first TV channel in the world to make the switch from linear broadcast channel to online-first destination. Ofcom's initial assessment of the proposed BBC Three television channel. Ofcom, which already handles a fraction of the necessary BBC oversight, regulates other public service broadcasters. The BBC Trust, a system of governance that replaced the board of governors 10 years ago, has been blamed for several management failures with its dual nature of both champion and regulator seen as ineffective UK broadcast watchdog Ofcom is commencing a review of its regulation of the BBC. As the mid-point of the current BBC Charter period is neared, Ofcom is required to produce a 'Periodic Review' of the BBC. This will form the basis of its advice to government for its own mid-term Charter review BBC Three has seen huge success in the past few years (Picture: BBC) The relaunch of BBC Three could be delayed over Ofcom's new competition assessment.. The broadcaster is aiming to relaunch.

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She said Ofcom had questions for the BBC over its transparency and accountability in the light of Dyson. Meanwhile, Lord Tony Hall, 70 , the former BBC news chief who oversaw the Diana talk. UK regulator Ofcom has launched a review of its regulation of the BBC as the mid-point of the current BBC Charter period approaches. The consultation closes on 15 September. The review will be. Former BBC News and Ofcom exec says government could get BBC under thumb Up next. Live. Watch as White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds briefing. 1627666421. 01:0 BBC News has been hit with 280 Ofcom complaints after a reporter used a racial slur during a bulletin on Wednesday.. The broadcaster was slammed by audiences after a journalist used the n-word. BBC World News has been banned from the Chinese airwaves, Beijing's state-controlled TV network announced. The tit-for-tat move comes after the UK media regulator, Ofcom, revoked the broadcast license of the Chinese CGTN network

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YouTube is poised to eclipse the BBC as the most used news source for 12 to 15-year-olds, an Ofcom report suggests. Figures by the media regulator show that the percentage of youngsters using the corporation's two main channels to find out what is happening has dropped off significantly over the last year, while their use of YouTube has climbed Ofcom has called for the Government to urgently bring forward legislation to modernise the objectives of the public service broadcasters (PSB), which also include Channel 4 and 5. Channel 4 moved its headquarters to Leeds in 2019 while the BBC recently announced a shift away from London over the next six years. (PA) / PA Wire Ofcom receives 280 complaints over racist language in BBC news report. Julia Hunt. · Contributor. 30 July 2020, 6:16 am · 1-min read. The BBC has been hit by close to 300 complaints after a reporter used a racial slur. Social affairs correspondent Fiona Lamdin was reporting on an attack that was suspected to have been racially motivated when. 5. Former Newsnight journalist John Sweeney has called for Ofcom to carry out an investigation into BBC News over its failure to broadcast reports on the far-right, Russia and Brexit. TV was the top-ranked platform for Covid-19 news in a new Ofcom survey, while the BBC, Sky News, Guardian and Times were among the most valued newsbrands. Ofcom's annual news consumption survey.

David Elstein, the former BBC editor and boss of Channel 5, said the Ofcom content board had grown disproportionately and the high number of former BBC staff was bizarre. Timeline of. Ofcom publishes BBC Studios assessment April 30, 2021 12.54 Europe/London By Julian Clover Ofcom has published an assessment of BBC Studios' 'lines of business' In April 2017, under a new BBC charter and agreement, Ofcom became the first independent, external body to regulate the BBC in the Corporation's history It is thought that, as consolation, the PM hopes to regain the support of anti-BBC Conservative backbenchers by making Dacre the figurehead of Ofcom. This article was amended on 2 April 2021 Both BBC World News and CNN told Ofcom they were not aware of FBC's contract to promote the Malaysian government, and had sought assurances about its independence from the issues its shows covered

A BBC spokesperson said: We welcome Ofcom's report, which sets out how valued and important public service broadcasters are to audiences - providing trusted, accurate news and a broad range. Ofcom rules on BBC's pedigree dog expose. Media regulator Ofcom has ruled that a BBC documentary on pedigree dogs was not unfairly edited, but criticised some elements of the show. Last year, The Kennel Club lodged a complaint about the programme, which exposed health problems in some dogs, saying it had been treated unfairly

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Ofcom deals with most content on television, radio and video-on-demand services, including the BBC. However, if your complaint is about something you saw or heard in a BBC programme, you may need. BBC News banned in China, one week after CGTN's license withdrawn in the UK. Atlanta (CNN Business) In an apparent tit-for-tat move, BBC World News has been banned from airing in China, according. YouTube is poised to eclipse the BBC as the most used news source for 12 to 15-year-olds, an Ofcom report suggests. Figures by the media regulator show that the percentage of youngsters using the.

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom says Sky must sell its premium sports channels to rivals at prices up to 23% less than at present. BBC News Updated every minute of every day BBC NEWS CHANNE Media correspondent, BBC News. Ant and Dec's shows have been heavily fined for deception. The fine may not be as high as Ofcom could have imposed, but the media regulator's verdict on ITV's misconduct is still damning. The fine of £5.675m is almost three times the previous record - the £2m incurred by GMTV for its own phone vote scandals.

Ofcom benchmarks broadband speeds. The average speed of a broadband connection in the UK is 3.6Mbps (megabits per second) according to new research from regulator Ofcom. The speed test is described by Ofcom as one of the most sophisticated and thorough ever done. The average speed is still significantly below that which many broadband. Ofcom have released their long-awaited guidance on the future of public service media (PSM), in which they urge the government to update the regulatory landscape and caution broadcasters to The watchdog published correspondence between the BBC and itself, including a letter from the BBC's director of editorial policy and standards, David Jordan, to Ofcom on 2 October ITV hit with record £5.68m fine. ITV has been fined a record £5.675m by Ofcom for abusing premium rate phone services in viewer competitions. The media regulator said the fine was by far the highest ever imposed and reflected the seriousness of ITV's failures and their repeated nature. TV shows Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, Gameshow. The British Broadcasting Company broadcast its first radio bulletin from radio station 2LO on 14 November 1922. Wishing to avoid competition, newspaper publishers persuaded the government to ban the BBC from broadcasting news before 7:00 pm, and to force it to use wire service copy instead of reporting on its own. The BBC gradually gained the right to edit the copy and, in 1934, created its.

Ofcom says it will look into the BBC's 'lack of transparency as a matter of urgency' over the Naga Munchetty racism row.. The body will examine the BBC's failure to publish its reasoning for its. Young people in the UK are more likely to keep up with the news online rather than through TV and other sources, according to the latest annual news consumption report from regulator Ofcom.. The. Ofcom is inviting views on plans by the BBC to return BBC Three to a linear channel. The BBC is planning to relaunch the youth-skewing channel in January 2022, a move that Ofcom says is a.

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THE BBC has been dealt a blow after new figures from Ofcom showed a drop in teenagers using the broadcaster as their main news source due to Read more on express.co.u Entertainment London / Europe Media Amazon Prime BBC BBC Bias BBC impartiality BBC Licence Fee Censorship defundthebbc Disney Plus Netflix OfCom Oliver Dowden United Kingdom. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting Former BBC executive Tim Suter, who was part of the 1996 internal investigation into Martin Bashir's interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, has stepped down from his role with Ofcom, the.

And Ofcom, in a ruling only slightly shorter than War and Peace, has just found Fox and Hannity in breach of the broadcasting code. Insufficient helpings of due impartiality during a major overseas election. Now, rootling around in Ofcom's complaints bulletin can often seem like a journey to another world, one where a swear. Ofcom's News consumption in the UK report published this week, found that the public ranked social media as the worst source for news and information about the pandemic, while local and national newspapers and TV were the best. Newspapers (69 per cent) were rated as the second best source for providing news about Covid-19, just behind TV (73. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ to face same Ofcom rules as the BBC. Netflix and other streaming services will be regulated by Ofcom for the first time as part of an attempt to level the. The BBC could do more to support the wider media industry and link to other news websites, broadcast regulator Ofcom said today. It comes after commercial news bosses argued the BBC's online. YouTube is poised to eclipse the BBC as the most used news source for 12 to 15-year-olds, an Ofcom report suggests.Figures by the media regulato

Younger audiences drifting from BBC to YouTube, Ofcom says. Engagement with BBC content has dropped among audiences between 16 to 34 by 22 per cent in three years News Politics Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime to be regulated by Ofcom just like BBC Streaming services including Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime will be regulated by Ofcom in the same way as.

News UK News Ofcom rejects Alba Party complaint over BBC coverage Ofcom has rejected a complaint from the Alba Party about the BBC's coverage of the Scottish parliamentary election Netflix and other streaming services to be regulated by Ofcom as part of reported UK government plans. Netherlands-based subscription service currently falls outside of the regulator's jurisdictio BBC Sounds is not having a significant adverse impact on fair and effective competition in the podcast and radio market, Ofcom has said, despite concerns from commercial broadcasters Ofcom not investigating complaint against BBC after reporter used N-word. More than 18,000 people complained to the broadcaster over the news report, which aired last summer

The BBC said it stood by its accurate and fair reporting of events in China and totally rejects these unfounded accusations of fake news or ideological bias. The BBC is the world's most. A review of BBC coverage ahead of the 2016 Brexit referendum found that its main news program was more negative on the European Union than Russian President Vladimir Putin. And two new media. If you wish to complain to Ofcom about content broadcast on a non-BBC TV channel, radio station or video-on-demand service, you can do so: through Ofcom's website. by telephoning Ofcom on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040. using Textphone number 18001 01925 650744 Ofcom withdraws UK broadcasting licence for Chinese state-owned news channel Ofcom announces new rules to protect reality show contestants Government wants 'strong' BBC chair - amid reports PM's.

Ofcom will not carry out a public interest test against BBC Radio 1 Relax saying the stream has significantly lower usage than predicted GB News is already on the radar of UK media regulator Ofcom after its opening night drew more than 350 complaints from unhappy viewers. The Discovery-backed news network launched on Sunday night a

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In July 2011, in the wake of the News International phone hacking scandal, Ofcom came under pressure to launch an inquiry into whether the parent company of News International, News Corporation, was still the fit and proper owner of a controlling stake in the satellite broadcasting company British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). On 13 July former Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged Ofcom to launch. The BBC responded to the news, saying it was abiding by the laws of every nation, in which it provides its service. Also on rt.com BBC endorses reporter's actions seeking to find Russian influence in Yellow Vest protests. It comes a day after Ofcom, the British media regulator, published a report on its investigation of RT. Out of ten cases. Russia threatens BBC ban after UK's Ofcom criticises RT. After the broadcast regulator found that the Kremlin-funded channel breached impartiality rules, the Kremlin has issued a threat

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Inform, educate, entertain. That is BBC's mission and Ofcom believes that, by and large, it's doing a pretty good job. But Ofcom is concerned that BBC is struggling to appeal to younger audiences Coronavirus: David Icke's 'lunatic conspiracy theory' interview investigated by Ofcom . The ex-broadcaster is known for conspiracy theories such as claims the world is run by reptiles and the. Ofcom has a requirement that news channels show due impartiality when covering political issues. BBC News, BBC Parliament, Sky News, RT and Al Jazeera. It will be channel 216 on Freesat Ofcom agrees for Radio Caroline to turn up the power. A power increase has been agreed for Radio Caroline to extend its coverage area from Suffolk and Essex to include Kent as East Sussex. The.

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Young people in the UK are more likely to keep up with the news online rather than through TV and other sources, according to the latest annual news consumption report from regulator Ofcom.. The. Regulator Ofcom has announced Anna-Sophie Harling will be its online safety principal, dealing with how the tech giants regulate harmful speech. She will be in charge of implementing the Online Safety Bill, due to come into effect later this year if approved by Parliament. Ofcom will be able to fine.. [1] See paragraph 33 of the EU's proposed 'Digital Markets Act'. [2] For example, search engines in scope are required to provide click and query data to certain third parties.Rather than prescribe the exact way in which this access is provided, the legislation only requires companies to do so at conditions which are fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory The media regulator issues guidance to ITV and finds London Live in breach of broadcasting standards The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom.Headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, it is the world's oldest national broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, employing over 22,000 staff in total, of whom more than 19,000 are in public-sector broadcasting. The total number of BBC staff amounts to.

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Excluding social media the BBC website and app, at 31 per cent, is the most used internet service while Ofcom states: Wales based news websites or apps such as S4C or Western Mail are used by.

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