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Using a third-party app, such as PhoneRescue for Android, is the best Huawei broken screen data recovery method as it lets you quickly, easily, and efficiently recover data from your phone. Your data then becomes available on your computer. When your phone's screen gets fixed, you can have the data moved back to your device Step 1: Connect your Huawei P30 to computer via the USB cable. The program will detect your device automatically. Switch to Broken Android Data Extraction. If your device stays in broken screen, black screen or non-responsive screen, you cannot enter password or cannot touch the screen, please click Start to try to recover data Step 1: Connect Android Phone with PC Run MirrorGo on the PC. At the same time, connect the broken phone with the PC using a USB connector cable. Make sure to enable the Transfer Files option from the USB settings of the phone

Step 1: Download Fonedog Toolkit and Connect to Your Device Launch FoneDog on your computer and connect your device Have the program running on your computer and have your device connected using your USB cable. Once the program is up and running, click Broken Android Data Extractio Click the mouse to unlock your phone and turn on USB debugging on Settings. STEP 3. Connect the broken phone to the computer and the phone will be recognized as external memory. STEP 4

From the home screen you need to go into settings. Either by dragging the notification panel down from the top of the screen with the mouse and clicking on the gear icon, or by double clicking on the setting app itself. Once opened you are able to scroll down to the bottom and click on about phone The Start now option will pop on your Android screen. Now you need to tap on the option to start mirroring your Android screen on your PC. This way, you will be able to control a broken android with a PC using a mouse and a keyboard Connect your Android phone and a mouse via a working OTG Adaptor. 2. Click the mouse to unlock your phone and enable USB debugging on Android via Settings > Click About phone > Tap Build number for 7 times > Back to last page > Click Developer options > Turn on USB debugging. 3. Connect the broken Android to computer

Connect your broken Android phone to a PC. Choose proper data recovery mode according to your phone issue. Match your device info with the program. Enter the download mode to make the data scannable HelloMy old Huawei p30 has a black screen. The phone is operational as I can hear it vibrating - is there a way of getting my photos off of it? Not all of them got backed up and nothing happens when plugging it into my laptop. Is there a way of Connect your phone to a computer. If the computer does not respond or a message is displayed indicating that an unidentified USB device has been detected, open the Phone app and enter *#*#2846579#*#* to access the ProjectMenu screen *Ad* Free data recovery software: http://bit.ly/37yPtUvBuy me a coffee: buymeacoff.ee/GPpCwkMfiUpdated 2018 Version: https://youtu.be/aQln9ZGDeYQUPDATE 2018:.. I accidentally threw my phone onto the road today and now the screen is completely unusable - fully cracked all over, fully black, light still shines from the back light but there is nothing on screen at all. I want to save my music and photos, but when I connect my phone to my computer I have to use HiSuite to get to my files

Select the one which you want to retrieve and click the Recover button to retrieve data from broken screen Android phone to PC. When you need to transfer the data from a broken screen or damaged.. Now you can connect a mouse with your broken phone and operate anywhere. Use A VNC Program if Screen Is dead What if you have damaged your phone's screen and it is completely inoperable. You can..

Get your USB cable and connect your Android device to the PC. Wait until the connection process is completed. Click Start Now on your Android to begin mirroring Android to PC. Use your keyboard and mouse to control Android with broken screen Step 1: Download and install Dr.Fone on your PC. Launch the program, and then select Data Recovery among all the tools. Step 2: Next, click Recover Android Data. Step 3: Go to Recover from broken phone tab, and select the file types you would like to recover. If you want everything simply click select all. Once unlocked, connect a USB-C/Micro USB cable (depending on your phone) to the USB hub and connect the other end to your PC. You should now see a prompt to select the 'File Transfer Mode.' Select that mode using the mouse, and your phone should now appear on your PC's My Computer section. Transfer all the data you need from the broken phone Step 1 Connect your Android phone or tablet. Launch the downloaded Android Broken Screen Data Recovery and connect your Android device to computer via USB cable. The Android can be detected in seconds. In this step, you need to tap Trust on your phone to let this program detect your phone. If your phone screen is slightly broken, but you.

How to Mirror Android Phone Broken Screen (NO ROOT Required!!):Consider this video as a preventive measure in case you got your smartphone screen broken...Si.. Connect your device to PC via USB cable, follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging if it is off. Select Always allow from this computer and click OK. Now you will see the interface below, check the file type and tap on Start to scan your Android data. Select the files you want to recover and click on Recover button

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I dropped my Huawei Mate 10 Pro face-flat on the floor, and on first inspection it didn't seem as if it had any damage to it whatsoever. A little later when I had put it to charge I noticed hairline cracks on the left side of the screen and what seemed to be some kind of leakage from the screen. Overnight it has leaked so much that 90% of the. To get data off an screen-broken Android phone and make a backup, many users will try to connect the phone to a PC and move photos/videos/files to PC. It seems workable until users find that they need to enable USB debugging on the phone so that the PC can access the phone data

Step 1. Connect your screen broken phone to PC. Download and install the free trail FoneCope Android Data Extraction on computer. Run the program and plug your device into computer with a USB. Select Broken Android Data Extraction and click start to continue. Step 2. Confirm your Samsung device mode Generally, ADB requires to communicate with phone with SUB debugging. But as USB debugging is not enabled on broken or black screen, so you have to boot device in ClockworkMod Recovery mode After your phone is in recovery mode, launch ADB tool and connect the phone with broken screen via USB to PC Now type the command prompts: adb device Broken screen and backup. to see if it works. is there anyone that can guide me in the right direction so after connecting my phone can acces huawei backup or other app. thnks in advance . masze Senior Member. May 27, 2010 2,111 1,905 Sweden. Jan 28, 2019 at 6:42 AM #2 What happens if you connect to HiSuite? If only screen is broken you. History. The easiest way is to use broken android data recovery tool, it has mehtod to detect your device. Some tools are available, such as MobiKin Doctor, EaseUS,ETC. If this way doesn't work for you, you should buy a USB-C OTG Hub, it will enabled you to connect the hub directly to the damaged p20 pro via its USB -C. Cable

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  1. Connect your broken Android phone to a PC. Choose proper data recovery mode according to your phone issue. Match your device info with the program. Enter the download mode to make the data scannable. Preview and recover data from broken Android phone to PC. Here Are The Details: Step 1. Connect your broken Android phone to a PC
  2. Connect your screen broken Android phone to the computer with USB cable, then launch this recommended Android data recovery software. Go to left sidebar to elect Broken Android Phone Data Extraction mode. Then, click Start button to get access to your phone's memory. Step 2. Choose the phone model for scanning
  3. 2. Connect your Android phone or tablet to computer with a USB cable, make sure Broken Android Data Extraction can automatically detect your device. Then click Start to select Android phone name and model and follow three steps to enter the Download mode. You can choose corresponding problem to fix your phone. 3
  4. Therefore, you can connect a mouse to your broken Android device with USB OTG and use the device with the mouse. Following are the simple steps for allow USB debugging on broken screen using mouse and USB OTG: Step 1. Connect a mouse to your broken Android device using an OTG adaptor. Step 2. Operate your Android device using the mouse
  5. The problem is that when you have activated USB-Debugging and connect your phone to your computer a message prompt opens on your phone and you have to allow USB-Debugging for your device. The problem ist that you can't click yes with a broken screen. So try to activate MTP so you can copy files to your compute
  6. I need a mic r o USB cable to connect a mouse, this way i can navigate in the OS and drop the files in Google Drive or Dropbox. But the screen is broken and mostly black, so I can't really see.

XDA Forum Member k.janku1 created a handy tool for Windows users that allows you to control your device using a mouse and on-screen buttons. Your device's screen is shown in a small window. Now you can connect wirelessly using Wi-Fi via pin, QR code, and auto-detection. Going back, here is how you can mirror Huawei phone to PC using LetsView. Download and install LetsView on your PC and phone. Download. Make sure to connect devices under the same Wi-Fi server. Launch the app on your phone and tap the second icon to the right

With a OTG adapter, connect your broken screen Android phone with a mouse. Step 2. Click the mouse to unlock your phone and turn on USB debugging on Settings. Step 3. Connect the broken phone to computer and the phone will be recognized as external memory. Step 4 To recover data from Android phone with broken screen: Step 1. Connect your phone to the computer that you have authorized while enabling USB debugging. Step 2. Go to This PC > [your device name] > Internal shared storage. Step 3. Find and copy the folder that saves the content you want to recover to your computer. Option 2 Here, let's expound on how to a use OTG and mouse to switch on USB debugging on an Android device with broken screen: Connect a mouse to your broken device via an OTG adapter. Operate your Android device with the mouse. Go to phone Settings and enable the USB debugging mode. Remove the OTG adapter and link Android to the computer via a USB cable NOTE: This guide was created using a computer with Windows 10 and a Huawei P10 smartphone with Android 8 Oreo. The HiSuite apps for Windows and Android should work similarly on all Windows computers and Huawei smartphones and tablets.. Using HiSuite versus other methods to connect a Huawei smartphone to a Windows 10 PC. HiSuite is Huawei's solution for connecting your Android device to your.

Simple guide on how to recover Android data with black screen with dr.fone. Step 1. Link your Broken Android to the PC. Using an USB cable to connect your phone to the computer. Next, install dr.fone - Android Toolkit on the PC. After this, press the Data extraction function on your broken device. Step 2 Method 3: Copy Android files using PC. Whenever you think to backup Android data with a broken screen then don't forget that PC is also one of the best options to backup all your crucial stuffs from phone.When you backup data to PC then its easy to restore them also. There is no difficulty in going through this process Click the mouse to unlock your phone. 3. Enter Settings by pulling down the top menu on your phone and clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner. 4. In Settings, scroll all the way down to the About phone menu. 5. Click on Software information. 6. Locate the Build number and click the box seven times

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Steps to recover photos from broken phone with USB debugging enabled: Connect your broken/cracked phone to the PC via USB cable; AutoPlay window appears on PC. Click Open folder to view files; As the files from the broken phone appear on your computer screen, select, copy and paste the photos to your computer at another locatio Furthermore, it enables one to take screenshots and view their phone on a full-screen mode. To reflect Huawei P20 to PC, check the step-by-step process below. Download. First, you need to visit the LetsView official website. Connect your phone and PC to the same network. On your Huawei, download LetsView from the Google Play Store How to unlock Android phone from PC using LockWiper (Android) Step 1: Download and launch iMyFone LockWiper (Android) on your PC or Mac, and click Start to begin the process of unlocking your device. Step 2: Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable. LockWiper will now load up your information. Step 3: When the program detects your device, you should confirm that the.

How to Enable USB Debugging and Connect Android to PC. In order to recover or transfer data on Android device with third-party development tools, like Gihosoft Android Data Recovery and Mobile Data Transfer, you'll need to connect Android phone or tablet to PC or laptop and get your device recognized by these tools.Here are step-by-step instructions for the operation Step 2. Drag down Notifications panel from the top of the screen of your Huawei phone, connect as 'Media Device (MTP). When the 'Allow USB debugging pops up, press Ok and tap Transfer File.. Step 3. You can now access your phone data by using the computer after having initially configured settings Android touch screen not working is a typical problem. In general, this unresponsive Android touch screen issue can be divided into two situations: software problem and physical damage. When you are facing this issue, you will be unable to operate your Android phone normally, let alone use the data on it Transfer files between computer and your Huawei P30 lite Android 9.0. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. 1. Connect phone and computer. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. 2. Choose setting for USB connection. Slide your finger downwards starting from. LetsView. The first and easiest way is by using LetsView. It is a newly developed streaming app for Huawei. This tool is very competitive. Although it is new, the features it offers are reasonable. Where ApowerMirror has two ways to connect, LetsView has three. You can connect via Wi-Fi auto-detect, QR code scanner, and Pin

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  1. 4. Once done with the above steps, open the HiSuite app and connect your Huawei device to PC using a standard USB cable. 5. After a connection is set up successfully, you will see the following screen on your HiSuite. 6. Select the Home tab and click on Back Up. 7. Now you need to select all the data which you want to take a backup
  2. This data recovery software for Huawei Honor is so much powerful that it can easily extract data from Honor phone that lost or become inaccessible due to broken phone, forgotten password/pattern screen lock, factory reset, rooting, ROM flashing, accidental deletion, formatting SD card, virus infection and so on
  3. I have an insurance so shuldn't be any problem with the repair it self. Step 3. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep. Tried with different DP port on the monitor, no result. All the best. If you don't have the power plugged in it will reboot only. Nothing helps. I also Tap on 2nd option PIN. If the screen is After switch off your device then turn on your device again by holding the Power.
  4. This can occur on lower-end devices due to multiple applications running at the same time. You can do all this by yourself with the help of free Android reboot tool, that is ReiBoot for Android. This phone is remarkably good for a mid range phone. There are Huawei broken screen data recovery methods to help you recover the data from your phone.
  5. Your phone will detect the package and will start the update process automatically. To restart device with touch screen not working: Press and Hold the Power button.
  6. Connect Huawei to a Computer via Tap. Step 3: Tap the NFC detection region on your phone to the Huawei share icon on your PC until the phone vibrates or rings. Step 4: Tap Connect on your Huawei phone, and then tap Authorize on your PC. Method 3. Connect Huawei to PC with a Bluetooth
  7. abu @aliusman. Rep: 1. Posted: 07/17/18. Options. Permalink. History. my o7 mobile screen has broken how i can connect with pc and recover my data? Was this answer helpful? Yes No

From the main windows, click Lock Screen Removal. Step 2 Connect your Broken Smartphone to PC in Download mode. Next, using a USB data cable to connect your broken phone normally to PC and restart your smartphone by pressing Home + Volume Down + Power buttons together so that it can enter into download mode Step 2. Use the OTG Adapter to connect your broken Android phone with a mouse. Step 3. Click the mouse to unlock your Android phone and turn on USB debugging on Settings. Note: This is workable when your Android display is still on. Or you can try to enable USB debugging from computer using fastboot, ADB command or terminal Step 3 Preview and Select Items to be Exported . Unlock Huawei phone screen, open Settings, choose Security & privacy.Scroll down to the bottom, touch More to expand more options beneath. I want to save my music and photos, but when I connect my phone to my computer I have to use HiSuite to get to my files. 10- Enter the password. App management Step 1: Connect your phone with the computer and let the system detect the device automatically. A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Among the options, choose the Open device to view files option. Step 2: As soon as the storage opens up, select the internal or external storage media, and extract the files

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How to recover data from android device with broken screen. Step1. Connect android device to computer. Then check whether android phone shows as a drive letter (for example, E: ) in computer. You can take out the memory card from the android and connect the card to computer with a card reader if you retrieve files on android device memory card Fix Android Phone won't Connect to Computer. Part 1. How to Connect Android to PC in USB Mode. Step 1: Connect your Android phone into the computer using a USB cable. You can use the same cable that you use to charge it. Step 2: Tap the USB option from the Notification Panel on your Android device, then select the MTP mode

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If your Android's Settings app includes a Cast or a Wireless Display feature, then running the built-in Connect app on Windows 10 allows Windows to display the screen. If those Android options are absent, though, Windows cannot display the phone's screen Step 4: Now connect your Android phone to computer and then the Android Control Screen will pop-up that will allow you to control your device via PC. Step 5: Now simply backup your data to cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox or copy paste data from your Android device to computer Turn off your phone and connect it to your computer using the standard USB cable. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power Button for 15 seconds, until the device restarts and enters the eRecovery mode . Here, tap Download latest version and recovery. Step 2. On the Download screen select Download and recovery If your smartphone is one of them, connect the phone to the computer, open the PC suite and reboot the device using commands on the PC suite. This will light up the screen, however, this is a temporary fix. Solution #3 - Set the phone on be alive Now that's what I call a firm and quick fix. If you observe power button not working problem on.

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Display cracked and touch not working on Huawei P40 Lite. If your phone display is cracked and wants to access the data, then follow the below steps. How to access data if the phone touch is not working on Huawei P40 Lite? You can connect your Huawei P40 Lite to PC/Laptop using a USB cable. By doing this, you can easily access all your data Connect the tablet to the computer with a USB cable. Use the charging cable that came with your tablet or one that's compatible. A notification will appear on the tablet. If your tablet came with drivers and/or software, install them before you continue. There is usually no need to install special drivers to connect an Android to Windows Step 1. Download and Launch dr.fone. Start with going to the browser and downloading dr.fone from the official website. Install and launch it after this and click on the Unlock from the first screen that will appear. Connect your Android device to the computer now and wait for your device to be recognized by the program. Step 2 The same as Step 1 Part 1, run the program and connect your Huawei mobile phone to your computer. Step 2. Import Data from PC to Huawei P30/P30 Pro. Music: Click the Music tab, click Add, you can browse the music files inside the computer, select them and then transfer to Huawei P30 by clicking on Open button. Videos: Click. HiSuite is the official phone manager tool for Huawei and Honor devices. This Windows/Mac-based application allows you to easily manage images, videos, applications, etc. on your device from your computer. To enjoy these features, all you have to do is download HiSuite and connect the device with PC using a standard USB cable.. The HiSuite is compatible with all Huawei and Honor devices.

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Step 1: Connect Huawei P9 to your computer via USB cable, and your computer will recognize it as a removable USB drive. Step 2: Drag down Notifications panel from the top of your Huawei P9's screen, connect as Media device(MTP). Click ok when the Allow USB debugging pop out.Step 3: Ensure Huawei P9's drive installed successfully on your computer. . Open the Portable Devices and find. In order to cast Android screen on a PC wirelessly, follow the previous steps and install Scrcpy, then simply enable the wireless connection on ADB. Also, make sure your PC and Android device are. Transfer files between computer and your Huawei MediaPad T5 Android 8.0. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your tablet. Step 1 of 8. 1. Connect tablet and computer. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Step 2 of 8. 2. Choose setting for USB connection

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Lastly, Troubleshooting to fix the black screen to do this you have to restart your PC and boot in the safe mode. More about How to Fix Black Screen in Windows 10. 11. Huawei MateBook X Pro Screen Flickering Fix. There is a solution to fix the screen flickering problem on your computer Your PC and phone need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Your smart TV and phone need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Steps to follow: 1. Turn on your Windows PC and connect it to a Wi-Fi network. 2. Then click on the 'notification center' and expand the quick settings. 3. Look for 'Connect' option and click on that NOTE: To write this tutorial, we used a Huawei P10 lite running Android 8.0.0. Although your Android smartphone might be using a different version of Android or Samsung or another manufacturer may make it, everything we are showing should look and act similarly on your smartphone too.. How to connect your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 PC, using a USB cabl

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1. Get the App. Download and install ApowerMirror on your PC and P9. 2. Launch ApowerMirror. Tap on the app on your phone to open, then hit the blue M button. When your PC shows up on the screen, select it to make the connection. Note: For the connection to work, your Huawei P9 and PC need to be on the same network. 3 Hold down both the volume up and down keys, and connect your phone to your PC. Next, while still holding down the volume keys, and with the device connected to USB, hold down the Home button. Give it a few minutes. Once the menu appears, release all buttons. You're going to get a series of warnings and commands on your screen Having a phone with a broken screen can be a very unpleasant experience; however, there is a program that will let you access your data and transfer it to a PC. Unfortunately, to use this program, USB debugging needs to be enabled on your phone. If you have previously enabled that feature, this tool will let you control your phone from your PC

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Here's an example: You want to connect a tablet with a USB 2.0 micro-B connector (like Acer's Iconia Tab 10) to an HDMI monitor. Choose a cable with a micro-B connector (male) on one end and an HDMI connector (male) on the other. USB 3.0 micro-B connectors are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices. Buy an adapter Unlock Huawei phone screen, open Settings, choose Security & privacy.Scroll down to the bottom, touch More to expand more options beneath. You can then find the Allow HiSuite to use HDB.Touch the on/off toggle to activate it so you can connect your device and computer without the use of USB Debugging mode on Huawei phone 15. Tap Pair on your Android. You must do this quickly, or the connection between your Android and your PC will expire. As long as you tap Pair in time, your PC and Android will be connected. You may first have to tap a checkbox confirming that you wish to connect your Android to your PC To transfer photos from your Huawei P20 Pro to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Huawei P20 Pro has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer. Then, tap on the Share icon represented by two dots connected to one. Select Email or the emailing app you use You can connect it to your computer and access all the data present in it. You can also recover the pictures and videos of Whatsapp from Whatsapp folder in the file directory of your Note 10. Once you have recovered all the data from your phone, and before you can send it for replacement or get a new screen or claim the warranty